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Score Tits - Siri - She's Got Legs

Posted on: November 30, 2015

She's Got Legs

She's Got Legs

Siri is in the running for SCORE and Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year 2012. She's up against some really stiff competition in both races. Stiffness is something that Siri naturally causes wherever she goes. She's like the Pied Piper of pocket-pole production. And multi-faceted Siri has many interests. "I have two brown belts in Karate," Siri says. "I got one when I was 12 and my second belt when I was 16. If someone attacked me, I know I could take them down!" Siri's shapely legs are too pretty and too sexy to use for kicking guys. They should be up in the air and spread apart so we can see every millimeter of her cookie-puss. In fact, Siri's legs are so beautiful, we've devoted this entire photo set to seeing Siri maneuver her lovely legs in all kinds of hot positions. Ain't that a kick in the head? Ki-Yowsa!

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Big Tit Video - Wunderbare Titten

Posted on: November 27, 2015

Wunderbare Titten

Wunderbare Titten

SCORE sent a photographer to Berlin to photograph Emilia Boshe, a webcam model famous in Germany the past few years for her 38HH naturals. We also photographed Czech bra-buster Janne Hollan during this Berlin road trip. Emilia's first SCORE magazine appearance is in the September '12 edition, the annual all-natural issue, which we believe is Emila's first time in an international newsstand magazine. In her free time, Emilia watches soccer, likes to go to the cinema, listen to music and take her dogs for their daily walk. "In the summer, I like to wear hot pants or a short skirt and a tight top," says Emilia. Now that's a girl who knows how to dress. That must be a traffic stopping sight. "I was shy growing up. Now I am more confident and assured. I like for guys to appreciate my body." Every breast-lover can appreciate that kind of personal philosophy. In this glass and mirror video, Emilia shows why she's become one of the top naturals in Germany.

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Big Tits - Pure Bliss

Posted on: November 24, 2015

Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss

SCORE photographers first visited Romania in 2004. In recent years, Romania has proven to be a great country for curvy charmers such as Arianna Sinn, Lana Ivans, Jasmine Black and December '12 V-mag covergirl Roxanne Miller as well as Estelle Taylor. Now it's welcome back time for a popular natural from Romania, Joana Bliss, who we first photographed in '04 along with several other homegrown hotties such as Crisa. Joana came that-close to winning the Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year contest that year. A well-known name in her native country, Joana hasn't been seen in SCORE since the March 2007 issue and in December 2006 Voluptuous. The brunette beauty looks even more beautiful than ever in this hot-off-the-camera video and photo set. Joana will be appearing on the cover of March '13 Voluptuous. It's a great thing that Joana never stopped modeling and we're happy to have her back here at SCORELAND!

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Scoreland Models - Living Art

Posted on: November 21, 2015

Living Art

Living Art

Shione Cooper does such hot hardcore that it's often overlooked that her solo pictorials have the magic too. As a model by herself without any dudes blocking her majestic vistas, Shione is more breathtaking than the Giant Mountains of the Czech Republic. She is so beautiful in every way and has remained on SCORELAND's Top 20 Rated gallery since her debut in 2010. SCORELAND member Zach126 once remarked that "Shione is not only gorgeous but has a really sexy foreign accent as well. Kind of reminds me of a Bond girl. I never saw a Bond girl quite as sexy as her though!" The Czech knockout was actually a short-haired punk girl and into the punk scene a few years ago but you'd never know it now to look at her. It's very difficult trying to visualize Shione diving into a mosh pit. What she's doing here is much more enjoyable from our point-of-view.

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Score Girls - Sadie Blooms - Philadelphia's Hottest Attraction

Posted on: November 18, 2015

Philadelphia's Hottest Attraction

Philadelphia's Hottest Attraction

Philadelphia has its Liberty Belle, the Rocky Balboa statue from Rocky 3, and the Phillies baseball team. They also have local bombshell Sadie Bloom who is in our book the hottest attraction this city has to offer. Sadie likes take-charge guys who are as ready to roll as she is. "I want to have spontaneous quickies all over town if I can," Sadie reveals. No doubt Sadie has no shortage of volunteers eager to be the man part of the plan. "I'm a sucker for corny-romantic dates. But I've been with as many girls as I have with guys. Girls have beautiful bodies and curves and I like to caress, lick and love every inch of them. I once went to a Superbowl party that turned into a five-some, three guys and two girls. It was fun!" On the hobby side, not that sex can't be a hobby or a sport, Sadies says that "I'm a decent artist. I'm also an amazing cook and a really fast learner." Sadie was a very fast learner in the SCORE studio, amazingly fast for a first-timer. As for the sex scenes Sadie did, there was nothing she needed to learn!

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Score Girls - Creampie The Busty Masseuse

Posted on: November 15, 2015

Creampie The Busty Masseuse

Creampie The Busty Masseuse

SCORE Girl Desiree is the star attraction at the Wildrubs Midtown Spa and for several major reasons. The huge-titted redheaded masseuse is well-known for her incredible massages. Desiree doesn't use her hands that often when she gives a client a soothing body rub. Instead, she oils her 36DDD naturals and expertly uses those flesh-rollers as her massaging tools. This alone has made her Wildrubs' most popular masseuse. When Tony drops by for a full body rub down, the lovely hostess recommends the "full-contact signature treatment" by Desiree and escorts him to his room. When Desiree greets Tony, she removes her tighty-whitey shirt and pours a layer of the slick stuff on her massive hooters. Now all shiny and slippery, she rubs her tits over his back like rollers. It's topheavy massage heaven. The complete masseuse, Desiree has him turn over so she can tit-massage his front. She quickly works her way down to his guy-pipe and tit-massages that too. She really likes this part! What a masseuse! But it's not over yet. No happy ending yet at this stage. This is the "signature treatment." Desiree gives him a blow job, tit-fuck and ball-sac massage fit for a king. Continuing the special massage, Desiree mounts his cock in cowgirl and rides, then turns over for a side-hosing and a doggie. The massage continues with Desiree on her back in a missionary fuck, massaging his woodie with her sweet, pink cooch. Her intense beaver-gyrations make Tony erupt inside her like a semen volcano and as he pulls out of her tight squeeze, the man-juice follows, dripping out of her pink snatch-hole to Desiree's pleasure. This massage parlor is THE place for tit-men in search of the world's hottest happy endings and Desiree is THE poster girl for the breast in horny massages! She urges Tony to book another session. He'll cum again, no doubt!

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Scoreland Tits - Wild Wife

Posted on: November 12, 2015

Wild Wife

Wild Wife

Bless these liberal husbands. Krissy Rose is a housewife, cam-girl and amateur model living in Las Vegas, a place that makes people constantly horny as well as attracts horny people to move there. Krissy enjoys camping, shopping, going to the movies and cutting loose at lifestyle parties. "I once had sex in a model home while my husband and I were home shopping," Krissy tells us. "We made a mess in the master bedroom. The first time I had sex was with my future husband. We snuck into his parent's RV and he had his way with me. It was the first time for both of us." She's bi and gets off with women, usually meeting them at lifestyle get-togethers. "I love the feeling of a soft woman, the feeling of her skin and the taste of her lips," Krissy says. What Krissy doesn't like hearing from a guy she meets: "A couple of things ruin it for me. One is when I'm told 'You know you want this big cock.' That gets my blood boiling when some guys think that stuff really works. They watch too much television." What she wants to try is double vaginal penetration--two cocks inside her twat at the same time, something only the wildest woman will do, if she has two willing men that is. Some couples will try it with a dildo. "I have a very big sexual appetite so I have to have some sort of release at least once a day, at the bare minimum." No wonder Vegas is so hot.

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Score Videos - Big Titty Tag Team

Posted on: November 09, 2015

Big Titty Tag Team

Big Titty Tag Team

Super-stacked Stephanie Stalls is a wild one on stage when she tours North America as a feature dancer and she's gotten increasingly wilder and hotter since she arrived at SCORE in late 2009. Stephanie has gone from solo spreading and toying to boy-girl action to hot anal sex and now she blows through another speed limit sign. The lusty, busty brunette goes for maximum heat in her first threesome with two studs who double penetrate her, filling her coochy and butt. Stephanie can handle it as you will see. There are very few SCORE Girls who can take a DP. Daphne Rosen and Holly Halston are well-known for their DPs but it's still uncharted waters that the majority of SCORE Girls don't want to sail in although some will sex it with two guys minus any anal. And SCORE Guys are divided over seeing DP. About a third like them; one-fifth say it's too much male in the way; another third would rather see a threesome with two big-boobed girls and one guy (the #1 male fantasy) and the remainder are completely neutral. Stephanie's talked about having wild, crazy sex in public with boyfriends but she's never talked about threesomes and anal. So stand back and give the little lady some fucking room!

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Scoreland Movies - A Sundae Kind Of Girl

Posted on: November 06, 2015

A Sundae Kind Of Girl

A Sundae Kind Of Girl

"We must be due for a new Paraguayan by now" we wrote on the SCORELAND Blog two years ago. And responding to that comment, longtime SCORE Man Viggo replied, "I don't think so, not when you've got an uber-babe like Paola. What you need to do is make another On Location trip, this time with Paola! I have almost worn out the two DVDs of her that I have. I need at least two Paola DVDs. One solo and one with four or five other girls." Creamy desserts suit beautiful Paola and her perky nipples just fine as this photo set proves. What has Paola been up to lately? We heard that she opened a small retail shop back home. "I originally wanted to become a vedette (a Latin nightclub showgirl or entertainer) but I became a photo model instead," Paola says. "I always enjoy seeing myself on SCORELAND." "This hot beautiful woman is my favorite SCORE Girl," writes Samson. "She has everything a man like myself wants. She has the hottest boobs ever, and yes she has a hot ass as well. We need to see more of her."

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Big Tits - Home Body

Posted on: November 03, 2015

Home Body

Home Body

"I'm from Ohio. I like it there. It's a great place to live. I have friends and family there, and I can travel wherever I like, so I stayed. I kind of like to visit Los Angeles in small doses, I never felt like I wanted to settle down there."

"I stay in contact with my fans. People email me, and a lot of them have been saying, 'When are you going to shoot again?' and I thought, 'Now's the time' after you contacted me. The fans made me start realizing I missed it, so I thought, 'Okay, let's go back and do it again.'"

"I feature-danced for years. It's a little different on the feature scene so I'm not doing it now, but I enjoyed it. I was tired of the travel. I like to travel, but you get burnt out."

"I'm good friends with some SCORE Girls. There's Kayla Kleevage and Summer Sinn. Sara Jay. Some other girls as well. I've walked down the street with Kayla and there's no way to disguise her boobs. One time we were in the airport and we were wearing sweats, but there's no way to cover her boobs. Being with her is interesting."

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Score Girls - Scarlet LaVey - Greet 'N' Meet

Posted on: October 31, 2015

Greet 'N' Meet

Greet 'N' Meet

Please meet, please greet with a big show of SCORELAND heat, Scarlet LaVey, a newcomer with plenty of pleasing sweatermeat. Scarlet's a Florida girl now living in California. "They are all-natural and I am proud of that," Scarlet says. "All the tops I own are usually V-neck style and I always wear a bra in public. I always have crazy cleavage. I prefer sexy bras. I only wish I could buy my bras off the rack. But they are never big enough." Scarlet is a dancer (specializing in jazz, modern, tap and ballet), an artist, a skateboarder and a writer. "I love the Gothic tattooed look and I love anything involving latex lingerie." For Scarlett's first pictorial, she poses on a minimalist, seamless background to emphasize just Scarlet and her lush, beautiful bod that gets slickened with oil shortly into the set. (A Blog video of Scarlet right before this pictorial was shot is posted.) Give Scarlet a big hand and extend some props below, SCORELAND style.

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Score Videos - Assfixiated

Posted on: October 28, 2015



Stacy Adams hasn't visited SCORE in several years. As soon as she arrived from Los Angeles, we could see the difference a few years makes. Stacy's breasts are much bigger and heavier-looking than last time. She'll need an extra-long sausage to stick between her boob buns and plenty of man-mayo. We like how Stacy sucks cock, delicately holding the balls with her right hand while she bobs her head front and back to fuck her mouth with the shaft. Miss Adams really goes to town on the nutbag, kissing, licking and sucking it hands free, mouth juice drooling down her lips as her hangers dangle. While she's doing all of this, Stacy is making lots of hearty, throaty blow job sounds, music to a horny dude's ears. Now this is the kind of scene that deserves a film-making award. She has really nasty, high quality cock sucking skills and should receive the highest commendations. The same can be said for Stacy's dick-bouncing skills. You can see the pride with which she bakes Largo's loaf deep in her pink oven. She seasons her cock cooking with filthy comments. The dirty words pour out as Stacy holds her quaking breasts with her hands. "Pound that pussy, fuck my pussy, gimme that fuckin' cock." Stacy has no use for romance novel snogging and caressing, just raw action. "Put your cock in my ass," Stacy requests, dragging out the word assssss.... "Right there," she says fingering her clitty as his cock slowly slides into her butthole. "I just want that fat cock in my assssss...." It's a super-hot fuck scene, all due to Stacy, her hot bod, her oral and language skills and appetite for the big O. "You're fuckin' that assssss.... I want you to come in my fuckin' mouth. Oh, gimme that nut!" Welcum back, Stacy Adams.

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Scoreland Tits - Busty In The Saddle

Posted on: October 25, 2015

Busty In The Saddle

Busty In The Saddle

Christy Marks and Terry Nova made quite a partnership in the movie Busty Riding Academy and this scene is the centerpiece of the film as they take on two studs near the barn. Part erotic drama, part group boobapalooza, Busty Riding Academy was photographed on the grounds of an old castle near Budapest. Making hay was never this intense. "The pairing isn't unusual because one girl is American and the other is Czech or because Terry is a big-bodied Amazonian while Christy is much more petite and her boobs are really the only big part of her body," wrote SCORE editor Dave. "The pairing is unusual because two girls couldn't be more different." Christy is more flexible than Terry but otherwise the girls match each other thrust for thrust as they romp and roll. "I can get into some crazy positions," Christy said, which makes her even more of a candidate for dream girlfriend or wife. "I like to be fucked in the piledriver position. I like fucking and playing with myself at the same time. I don't do it all the time because some guys get really self-conscious like, "Am I not doing my job right? This chick is playing with herself." And I have to be like, "Yeah, you're doing it right, keep going!" And I like to dirty talk during sex, too. That gets me hot. But I don't talk a lot because most guys are not into that."

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Scoreland Porn - The Mountains Of Jamaica

Posted on: October 22, 2015

The Mountains Of Jamaica

The Mountains Of Jamaica

Wow! Look at those lush mountains in this Micky video! Aren't they massive? Beautiful? Who would not love to scale those majestic peaks of plenty. And those mountains behind Micky are okay too, maybe worth a postcard. Micky's braless mountains are ready to burst out of her dress any second. This is a dangerous dress for Micky to wear in public. Everyone would be waiting and watching for a nipple slip. She never fails to impress. "Sometimes men are intimidated because of my boobs," Micky says. "A lot of men have never seen boobs as big as mine, so they are taken aback." That's understandable. "I feel very proud when people look at my big chest. Not a lot of women have large boobs like mine. In fact, women get operations and get fake breasts just to make them this big. I am glad that people like what they see and look at me. I like the attention." Thanks for sharing, Micky!

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Scoreland Movies - Cameron Skye - Sexy Skye

Posted on: October 19, 2015

Sexy Skye

Sexy Skye

Our model search led us to Cameron Skye, an outdoorsy chick who loves working out in fitness classes at parks. Cameron likes to water-ski, wake-surf and wake-board in the summer and snow-board in the winter. Pretty much everything but water-boarding is on this active girl's list. When she's not stretching her bod and bouncing her boobs, she's checking out pro sports. "I like to watch football, baseball and basketball when I have the time," Cameron says.

Cameron loves her chest and says it's good to be noticed. "My favorite thing is when guys check me out and the girl they are with gets jealous," says Cameron. "I like to wear tight, low-cut shirts that show a lot of cleavage. My favorite kind of bra is a push-up bra that really makes them stick out and up." Why can't more girls have Cameron's attitude?

"I was one of the 'big-boob girls' in school. I didn't have the biggest boobs in school but I got a lot of attention and the guys were always asking me out. The most fun job I've had so far was being a lifeguard." The fun part about that job would be watching Cameron in her swimsuit. Artificial respiration, anyone? Welcome to SCORELAND, Cameron.

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Score Models - Bella Blaze - Killing Her Jeans

Posted on: October 16, 2015

Killing Her Jeans

Killing Her Jeans

When slinky Michigander Bella Blaze first popped up on the SCORELAND Blog, we took a poll about her because she was set to model for Naughty Neighbors, not SCORE. Some of us thought "she has very nice boobs but are they really big enough for SCORE?" Anyplace else--anywhere--Bella would be considered very busty. By regular standards, she is. Heads are going to spin in her direction when she walks into a room. What knocked us back for a loop was Bella saying in the video that she didn't like her boobs because "they're too big." At The SCORE Group, we think every girl should love her boobs regardless of their size.

We asked Blog visitors (a hefty percentage of them SCORELAND members), "Is Bella a SCORE Girl?" 82% replied yes. Of course, as Dave later blogged, "The voting might have been skewed because none of you are going to pass up the opportunity to see a hot chick naked, and Bella is definitely a hot chick, but she's a big-titted hot chick."

So we got off the fence and brought Bella into SCORE--several times since that first time. You've since seen Bella doing some high-grade guy-girl sexin'. Here, she sexes her tight jeans and rocks a skimpy top. Nice ass too!

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Big Tits - Harmony White - Cream Dream

Posted on: October 13, 2015

Cream Dream

Cream Dream

She's new, she's hot, she's a Florida babe who's jumped into her first girl-meets-boner scene at SCORELAND and brought down the house after raising the roof. Harmony White is a web-cam model who contacted us through The pretty V-Girl-next-door has breasts that demand attention. Her first two appearances were a solo and a breasts 'N' Tugs boob fucking. Harmony thought about going beyond that and decided to hit the grand slam with a first-time full-sex scene. This is her on-camera cherry-busting. There is more than meets the eye to this charmer, a freaky-deaky side that she talked about in her video. Harmony likes it hard and fast. Fast fingers, fast cock. After Harmony finishes playing with her big boobs and admiring herself in a mirror, her fuck partner shows up to tackle that sexy body and give her screaming orgasms. She did warn us in her pre-fuck chat that she's a screamer! Show Harmony some love and send in your props for this new Voluptuous vixen. She's here for you, SCORELAND Man.

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Busty Videos - Maserati - Bounce, Maserati, Bounce!

Posted on: October 10, 2015

Bounce, Maserati, Bounce!

Bounce, Maserati, Bounce!

It's always a special event when Maserati returns for her now semi-annual visits. Follow those mouthwatering bouncing boobs in Bounce, Maserati, Bounce! and gaze in awe as this stacked honey gets a jiggle and shake show in before she jumps on the boner in another sizzling triple-sex encounter. We would be insane to say that we don't seriously envy the dude for what he is about to receive and it's not even Thanksgiving. Maserati is a tit-man's woman. "Most guys like to get pounded in their face by my boobs," says Maserati who is a candidate in the SCORE Model of the Year and Voluptuous XXX Model of the Year contests. "When I'm fucking them on top, sometimes I need them to support my tits with their hands." With her even bigger, heavier, more solid and fully-packed tits, that sounds dangerous. Yes, Maserati's boobs are even bigger now and we proved it scientifically before this scene was shot. When Maserati unleashes those astounding twin cannons on this boob sucker and fucks and blows him into the next decade, there will be no prisoners taken.

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Scoreland Tits - Bounce Maserati Bounce

Posted on: October 07, 2015

Bounce Maserati Bounce

Bounce Maserati Bounce

Maserati is back at SCORELAND in Bounce, Maserati, Bounce! and as we tipped you off on the Blog, Maserati's boobs are even bigger than before! They look packed with tit-meat! Maserati thought that they may be three cup sizes larger, an astounding gain, and it may be due to her diet of more steak and bread since last time. Her slim waist looks the same. Last time, her boobs were a double H. Now Maserati thinks she may tip the scale at a J. That's mind-blowing. But wait. To determine her new cup size, some measurement science was applied. Her underbust is 32 inches and her boobs measure 46 inches. That means, according to mammary math, that Maserati needs a 32 N-cup bra! This dude is about to find out how he fares tackling those incredible assets but first, Maserati treats him to a follow-the-bouncing-boob show before she slides down his pole in a steaming hot XXX fuck and suck scene. It might have been wise on this guy's part to take out insurance if he gets injured by those smotherin' skull-crushers. Maserati said one tit is around ten pounds and the other eight pounds. That amount of weight would increase his premium. If he survives his first encounter with this Amazonian supergirl without having to be carried out of the building in a stretcher, it will be a great survival story he can tell his friends over a beer. Roll the video and find out! Welcome back, Maserati.

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Scoreland Porn - Fetish Doll Training

Posted on: October 04, 2015

Fetish Doll Training

Fetish Doll Training

Voluptuous Girl Felicia, just recently seen as a curvy coed, is an ultimate girl-next-door but in Fetish Doll Training, Felicia trades in her GND clothes for a kinky little number suitable for a dungeon, if not a day at the beach. A sheer black top with holes to poke her big, succulent 34F jugs through. Knee-high black boots. A black waist-cincher. She's now a docile and submissive fetish doll dressed to serve up her luscious body and serve she does. The lovely redhead tightly clamps her lips, tits and hips around a hard boner and drains it dry! Looks like her "master" has his hands full. Full of Felicia. And never forget that amazing, non-stop, spankable ass that also needed to show! "The curves on this one, you just gotta love her!" raves M. "She fits perfectly into both the Voluptuous and the BootyLicious model range." Don't let this scene fool ya. Felicia remains a good girl. She just does bad-girl things!

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Score Models - Pink All Over

Posted on: October 01, 2015

Pink All Over

Pink All Over

It used to be that many big-boobed models were dancers and were discovered in clubs ranging from bikini bars to 100% nude clubs. That dynamic has changed the past few years as more of them are doing the at-home cyber-cam shows. That's what Trinity Michaels is doing these days. She says guys don't need a cheesy pick-up line. The funniest one I've heard was, 'Hey girl, are you the little fallen angel I was looking for all my life?' But they don't need to do that. Just come up and talk to me," Trinity says. "Say hello and be yourself. I don't give out my phone number to strangers but I might take one from a guy if he's funny and nice." Trinity is not shy. She masturbates when no one is around to take care of her. ("I like sitting in a position that makes me squirt and use a dildo while vibrating my clit.") She's made it with girls. ("She ate me out and fucked me with a strap-on, making me squirt.") She's done the nasty at orgies. ("At my friend's house where we had an orgy complete with belts and whips.") Yes, Trinity is a very horny girl.

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Busty Videos - Alura Jenson - The Sexy Server

Posted on: September 28, 2015

The Sexy Server

The Sexy Server

The very word Allure is in her name. Alura Jenson is a Las Vegas hottie by way of the city of smotherly love, Philadelphia ("I love football and the Philadelphia Eagles!" says sports fan Alura.) Alura doesn't work as a server at a sports bar, like she does in this pictorial, but if she did, the other girls would just give up and go home.

"I work out six days a week. The most-fun job I've ever had was teaching fitness classes. I don't have any hobbies because I don't have any spare time. One weekend I'd just like to sit home, cook, clean and watch TV!" (Laughs)

"I have to order my bras from Europe. I can't find any in my size (34H). I rarely wear a bra. They're really difficult to find in my size. When I go out, I do dress to show off my boobs. Anything strapless or dangerously low-cut."

"I very rarely masturbate. I have so much sex. I don't feel the need to masturbate but when I do it's usually quick. I'll glide my fingers over my clit until I climax."

"The funniest pick-up line I've ever heard from a man was 'Excuse me, Miss. I couldn't help but notice that your coochy was talking to me.'"

"I've been with a lot of girls. I absolutely love women. I'm not gay but that's only because I love dick so much. My sexual fantasy is to be the grandmaster of an orgy."

The next time you see Alura at SCORELAND, it will be in a nut-busting ass-sex scene. "These pictures, guys, are going to be breathtaking," Alura blogged. "I snuck a peak at a couple of them while the photographer wasn't looking."

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Busty Scoreland - Two Into One Equals Fun

Posted on: September 25, 2015

Two Into One Equals Fun

Two Into One Equals Fun

Since SCORE couldn't go to the Colorado mountains, the mountains were brought to SCORE. When V-Girl Sabina Leigh came in from Colorado to SCORE, she guest blogged "I had such a great time shaking my big fat titties all over the studio. The guys here really banged the shit out of me in the good way that I love so much. I can't wait for you all to see me being rammed by these big-dicked Miami studs. I hope I get to come back down here more so I can keep sharing these heavy jugs and pink pussy with you all. SCORE and V-mag fans are seriously the best around. Kisses to you all and I hope you will enjoy my scenes as much as I enjoyed making them!" In this Hardcore Special, sexologist Sabina and her two male escorts Johnny Champ and Juan Largo team up for a boiling-hot three-way. Sabina teaches them to make syrup the Colorado way. Her new friends are quickly all over Sabina's cushy curves, fondling, squeezing, sucking, kissing and licking her warm, soft skin. They undress Sabina and get her ready for sexin'. Juan sucks Sabina's sensitive nipples while Johnny fingers her succulent snatch. Sabina takes their engorged pricks in her fists and between her lips, stroking and sucking these toys generously donated by her friends at SCORE. They lay back in bed, Sabina between them so she can jerk them, then she takes turns throating them. A whole lotta fucking ensues! A Sabina sandwich is our gift to these soldiers of sex and that's the greatest gift a man could get, even if they do have to share. Sabina didn't complain about sharing. She has a charitable disposition herself. And a ripe, luscious bod to share and nut over! This is a girl who loves to be watched while she gets fucked. And we were honored to double down.

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Score Models - Meet Roxanne

Posted on: September 22, 2015

Meet Roxanne

Meet Roxanne

Our never-ending, on-going model search yields sexy brunette hottie Roxanne Miller. Charming Roxanne has a 36GG bustline so you could say with conviction that she and SCORELAND were made for each other. Roxanne loves to read and go to the theater and she expresses her feelings by writing poetry. She played soccer and basketball in school and practices yoga at home. A huge Slayer fan and a big fan of other thrash-metal bands, Roxanne will go to their concerts when they're in town. She's single, goes to school to study public relations and she's also studied drama for nine years. And she's been a DJ the past two years. "I like to go with my friends to concerts and then go to underground pubs and drink beer and talk about history, art, politics and other subjects. "I can't hide my breasts...maybe if I wore a tent," says Roxanne. "Mother nature was very kind to me. I like to dress chic and to add a dose of my personality. I like to add accessories and my necklaces to attract attention. But, in general, all my tank-tops are low-cut. I don't like to dress like, 'Oh, look! I have boobs and your girlfriend is an A-cup!'" Please show Roxanne some love and add a comment below about her arrival to SCORELAND. Her first video follows next.

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Big Boobz - Sabrina Linn - One Toy For Pussy, One Toy For Ass

Posted on: September 19, 2015

One Toy For twat, One Toy For Ass

One Toy For Pussy, One Toy For Ass

"I am as intelligent as I am sexy so don't let my looks fool you," Sabrina Linn wrote in her resume. "I have chosen such a career out of passion and a natural desire at age 38 not because I had to but because I wanted to. I only do what makes me happy, and I enjoy." Sabrina has an unbridled sex drive, as she has shown several times in some buckin' wild-ass scenes, and she listens to herself, not to what others have to say about how she should look or how she should live her life. She loves cock and she loves toys also. "I am a toy junkie and try to masturbate daily to porn when I wake up to very sexy thoughts. My favorite vibrator on my clit always satisfies me either when I am alone or when I am with my lover." Watch as Sabrina fucks her twat with a giant cock-toy and fills her ass with a butt plug. Always happy and upbeat in the SCORE studio, Sabrina is also a SCORE supporter and goes the whole nine yards as a SCORE cheerleader to the world at large which we always appreciate. "I've been to numerous strip clubs and had the pleasure to meet many feature dancers while attending their performances. I've got lots of autographed magazines and Polaroid pictures with performers I've met. I'm really impressed with Sabrina Linn!" writes R.J. "I love pierced nipples."

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