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Score Tits - Siri - Siri, Will You Sex Me?

Posted on: December 20, 2014

Siri, Will You Sex Me?

Siri, Will You Sex Me?

One of the candidates in both SCORE and Voluptuous magazine's Newcomer of the Year 2012 contests, whistle-bait blonde Siri is one of the sexiest and prettiest big-boobed babes to ever bounce our way. Wearing a neon-green fishnet dress that is strictly for wearing in the bedroom or on a strip club stage, Siri sizzles again. "From the time I was 19, I dated women," says Siri who is 24. "Well, I mean I dated women exclusively. I had girlfriends. And then I stopped dating women and I went through my slut phase where I was obsessed with men. Well, I think that every girl goes through a slut phase. Mine just happened after I was a lesbian for a little bit." Siri is making up for that lost time with the high hard one by sexing it up and sharing that horny sight with tit-lovers, all of whom should ask themselves, "What have I done to deserve seeing this hottie nude and rude?"

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Big Boobz - Ay mamacita!

Posted on: December 17, 2014

Ay mamacita!

Ay mamacita!

It's never too early or too late to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Latina sexbomb Daylene Rio in the house. It's also Global Handwashing Day which is what we need to do after jacking to this photo set. The reason they call LA the City of Angels is because of busty angels like Daylene. She gives her all every time! How does Miss Rio keep that wild body in shape? "Running, squats and stretching," Daylene said. "All that fun stuff. But I have to wear a bra when I workout. I hate wearing bras. Working out is about the only time I wear a bra. You know, my bra size is very strange. I can fit into triple-Ds. I can fit into 36 double-Es. If I want to fit comfortably, double-E is good, but if I want to wear a grandma bra, like when I workout, because they're so big and I want to support them, I'll get like a triple-D." If you honk for Daylene, check-out the DVD devoted exclusively to her, XXXtreme Daylene. It's four hours long, with 12 of her hottest videos from SCORELAND. Ay mamacita!

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Score Videos - The Boob Adjustment Bureau

Posted on: December 14, 2014

The Boob Adjustment Bureau

The Boob Adjustment Bureau

Behind closed office doors, Desiree acts like any other executive. Her busy day is filled with important planning and decisions. Let this pictorial illustrate what she may be doing at any given moment in her executive suite. Can you believe that Desiree wanted to be a policewoman? Chew on that for a few seconds. "I was a dancer for a while and then I quit and decided to go back to school and get my Bachelor's degree in criminal justice," Desiree said in an interview filmed at SCORE. "I actually wanted to be part of the NYPD. I wanted to be a cop." She wouldn't have a problem busting guys, that's for sure. She'd suffocate perps between her 36DDD cups until they confessed to jacking off without a license. And can you believe that Desiree has trouble finding guys who can fuck her properly, the reason she got into XXX action at SCORE. "A lot of guys can't keep up with me. They cum too fast, or they don't want to have sex when I do. It was no fun for me." Her first scene "Desiree's Anal Cumback" was wild for someone who had never done anything like that before. It didn't last just two minutes. It was good. The first time, it was a little awkward. It was weird, but then I got the hang of it and it was easy. I have always been curious about anal, so I tried it. I wanted to do it first and kind of get it over with. But what was funny was that the night before, the studio staff sent me home with these anal toys and they were tiny. They were tiny butt plugs. And then I come in the next day and Juan, the stud who I had my first anal scene with, was huge! I found it kind of funny that the toys were like a quarter of his dick size. But it wasn't too bad. I liked it. Like I said, the guys I sleep with can't even last like two minutes in my vagina. They never even tit-fucked me. There is no way that those guys can try and fuck my ass!" Everyone at SCORE is pleased to have helped Desiree find satisfaction. She can count on SCORE.

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Big Tits - Sadie Blooms - Philadelphia's Blooming

Posted on: December 11, 2014

Philadelphia's Blooming

Philadelphia's Blooming

Many of today's new models do not wait weeks, months or years to go the whole nine inches and there is usually no one or nothing trying to hold them back from playing out their "I'm free-to-fuck" fantasies on camera. This magnificent, happy-go-lucky, huge-boobed beauty contacted and told us she wanted to sex up as well as bare all. How did Sadie even know about SCORE? "It was because of my boob-loving friend," Sadie told us. "He loves you and urged me to connect with you." Sadie is one of those fortunate girls who sprouted as a teen and now stretches the tape at 38G. Sadie's goal in life is to enter a triathlon because "it would be such an accomplishment." This is troubling because of the dangers involved. Sadie could lose breast-size in training for this grueling event and the very thought of this terrifies us. Ever look at these triathletes? They have no boobs. But let us not stress over this because we believe Sadie will never let this happen. Dressed in a bra, panties and heels, Sadie greets her casual sex friend with a top shelf full of whipped cream decorated by a strawberry. A true high-calorie dessert. After licking that up, she sprays whipped cream on his stiffening cock, he sprays it on her luscious coochy, and they both lick up the creamy stuff. Sadie is the main course, of course.

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Busty Videos - Bitchin' Whippin'

Posted on: December 08, 2014

Bitchin' Whippin'

Bitchin' Whippin'

We did a poll about fetish themes such as Latex outfits, bondage and girls dominating guys. Thirty percent of you wanted to see them, 41% didn't want to see them and 29% were indifferent. Slone Ryder talked with a V-mag editor about her background as a nightclub dancer, and that inspired this photo shoot of the Southern belle brunette as a big-boobed, whip-wielding meanie. There's another word for this: marriage! "I do role playing and really make it a performance instead of just the good old bump and grind," Slone said. "I'll do a dominatrix show with whips and chains, and I have belt buckles that are all buckled up. I've done a bondage show with another girl, and I duct-taped her hands and feet together and wrapped a chain around her and dragged her out onto the stage. It's all simulated, of course. I would never really hurt anyone, but the audience was shocked at first and then gave me a standing ovation at the end."

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Busty Scoreland - Bazooms & Bubbles

Posted on: December 05, 2014

Bazooms & Bubbles

Bazooms & Bubbles

Janet Jade wants to take a bubble bath and she's not going to kick us out of the models' spa. Those bubbles feel good against your body, Janet? She's almost too good to be true but Janet is true, 100% real, not a life-like android. After her sudsy bath and devoting special attention to her gorgeous boobs, Miss Jade makes her pretty pussy happy and content with her buzzin' buddy. "Janet has such a delicious body. Total goddess," writes Brad. And Boobman says, "Janet is a yum yum girl. One of my favorites." "I'm sure a lot of men think I'm special because of these," Janet said, palming her hooters. "But there are other special things about me. Then again, when guys look at a magazine like SCORE, the only thing that matters is your boobs, so if guys like them and think mine are special, that's great. And if they got to know me, they'd find out there are other special things about me. Either way, it's great." Yes, Janet Jade is a special one. We'd drink her bathwater and that we don't say that often.

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Busty Videos - Kianna Dior - Foot Freaks Who Love Big Tits

Posted on: December 02, 2014

Foot Freaks Who Love Big breasts

Foot Freaks Who Love Big Tits

There are two distinct sides to busty Asian sex-star Kianna Dior. One side is the submissive, compliant fuck toy who gives one of the hottest, nastiest blow jobs in porn with loads of spitting, gagging, drooling deep-throating and ball-sucking while she makes raunchy sounds. Miss Dior is no cock-tip sucker. She sucks down to the root. When a guy drops his load in her mouth, this dirty talker plays with the cum then swallows every drop. She likes to get face-fucked and her twat rammed.

Then there is the dominant, mean Kianna Dior. A fucking bitch who bosses guys around, shoves her feet in their faces and squeezes their cocks with her soles. She jerks them off with an expert hand job and makes them wait before they can shoot their man-milk. She taunts, teases and humiliates wussy men who need a strong, hot, sexy girl they can serve.

We talked to the complete Kianna Dior who is as sweet as they cum.

"I think I am more of a switch. I like something different every day. Sometimes I want to be teased and caressed, but sometimes I want to be in charge. I need variety. I don't want it to be like that movie, Groundhog Day, where I wake up and it's the same thing over and over. I need lots of change and variety or I get bored. I wouldn't say that I prefer foot jobs over hardcore, but I do like to play with cocks with my feet. The first time a guy sucked my toes and licked my arches, I thought to myself, 'This is really hot!' Sometimes it's nice to be touched softly and sensually."

"I like doggie-style. I like being on top. I don't mind reverse-cowgirl if I'm not doing it for too long. Reverse-cowgirl is hard on the legs. It's really a workout. Although I know that guys who like big boobs love that position because they can see my breasts and see the guy's cock going in and out of my beaver at the same time. I love swallowing cum, sometimes out of a glass."

This freak comes to Kianna for a private session and gets the dirty, boss bitch Kianna. She orders him to drill her twat hard while she runs the fucking show and orders him around like an Asian foot goddess. Many girls are silent when they fuck on-camera but not in a sex scene with Kianna. She likes to talk and interact. She not only fucks him, she mind-fucks him.

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Big Tit Video - Smokin' Beauty

Posted on: November 29, 2014

Smokin' Beauty

Smokin' Beauty

It's glam time for a girl who always looks glamorous and angelic even if she's racing around a field for SCOREtv or mischievously dumping a bucket of water on fellow model Jasmine Black. Melissa Mandlikova tries out a lacy, strapless bustier and girdle, and even lights up a cigarette for a few shots. A beauty, Melissa could easily be a model for a lingerie company's catalog. But then we wouldn't get to enjoy every inch of her beautiful, naked body and that would be a sin. Melissa is actually the shy type and doesn't flaunt it in public or post any cell phone photos on social networking sites like countless other girls although she easily could because she has it all. "The wholesome look of a farm girl with the body of a devil," a SCORE Man once commented. She has a fresh, healthy, athletic look. This is girlfriend material and she's looked it since she began modeling.

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Score Videos - Pheona Monroe - Call 36FF-Heaven

Posted on: November 26, 2014

Call 36FF-Heaven

Call 36FF-Heaven

Meet Pheona Monroe, a busty new arrival from Los Angeles who's eager to fuck and suck her way to stardom. She's the first model at SCOREVideos to say that one of her hobbies is birdwatching which is a coincidence since that's our hobby too. Double breasted birds. Now the big question is, can Pheona handle the nine-inch meat-drill of Johnny Champ? Can she deep-throat it and take it all the way inside her pink pussy? Hit the play button, SCORE Man, and find out. "Sucking cock satisfies me best," says Pheona who believes it is better to give than to receive. "I love doggie, mish, sideways, reverse cowgirl...there isn't a position I don't enjoy. I love all kind of foreplay especially when a man sucks my nipples really good and hard. The only thing I don't do is anal. At least not yet. I usually swallow cum but sometimes I spit. It depends on the cum and how it tastes. I'm pretty good at deep-throating. It's how I open my throat." Welcome to SCORE, Pheona Monroe.

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Big Boobs - Sexy Pussies Like Hot Cream

Posted on: November 23, 2014

Sexy vaginas Like Hot Cream

Sexy Pussies Like Hot Cream

Eva Notty has it all and one of the great things about her is that she likes to share all of it. We've known it from the start. That's why she first came to SCORE in May 2009. That's also why April '12 SCORELAND calendar girl Eva's never left the top-20-rated SCORELAND models list. J.C. wants some of what Eva has while the getting is good in "Sexy vaginas Like Hot Cream." He makes a head-dive right for Eva's nipples and then to her clit and beaver to lick and suck her wet. She repays tit for tata by giving him a blow job. His giant shaft is too big to get all the way down her throat but it tucks well inside her cleavage when Eva's tit-fucked. Eva wants her beaver filled. The build-up has worked her up. She really loves fucking and it always shows. The camera becomes another piece of furniture as she gets lost in the act of being fucked. Every inch of the cock gets inside her beaver-hole. It sucks it in, wanting every inch rubbing against her pink walls. Eva warms up with a cowgirl ride that allows gravity to open and fill her beaver completely. Following that, they move to a doggie position that hard-hits all of Eva's sweet spots as she's drilled to the hilt. Then they flip to missionary until it's time for dessert. Last time, in "Licky Licky Sticky Sticky," Eva's mouth was nutted. Today's a serving of creamed pie. Eva provides the pie, J.C. the cream. Sexy vaginas like hot cream.

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Busty Scoreland - Monica Keyes - Cum For Monica Keyes

Posted on: November 20, 2014

Cum For Monica Keyes

Cum For Monica Keyes

Monica Keyes played volleyball in school. That must have been a sight. She probably needed two sports bras. Monica has no shortage of boyfriends back home. She's a girl-next-door who likes reading, working out and watching TV. Her favorite position is doggie-style and she likes role-playing. Her ass does look very spankable.

A newbie to modeling, a friend of hers told her that we're always looking for girls with big breasts. Monica, who once worked at Victoria's Secret, thought it over and contacted us at instead of forgetting about it. She also said she would try a fuck video. That's another first for her. "I don't have all that much sex. Maybe three times a week," Monica said.

She likes to mash her breasts into her guy friend's faces and motorboat them. Monica reenacts that in the opener of her scene. Then she gets on her back so SCORE Man can suck on her big, brown boobs. Note the big-ass areolae surrounding her pointy nipples. That's good licking candy.

While she's on her back, SCORE Man pulls his big cable out of his jeans and feeds it to Monica. He taps her mouth with it and rubs it on her pierced tongue (the sure sign of a hypersexual and very orally-oriented girl, by the way). He takes charge, sits Monica up, holds the back of her head and fucks her mouth, his thrusts into her mouth making a big bulge in her cheeks. The cameraman does the right thing and gets in very close. She gives him good, sloppy head with a pause for a tit-wank.

He strips Monica naked, unhooking her fancy red bra, panties and garters and gets her on her knees to resume sucking his business. She makes good slurping sounds and tries to get as many inches into her mouth as she can. It's a long one so that's no easy task. He lies back and she sticks his prick into her shaved, juicy twat, her back to him. They get it all in and the camera goes in for a close-up of her thick lips being parted by his pistoning shaft. Monica leans back and begins rocking while his hands squeeze her breasts. This is only the start of Monica's porn cherry busting. More fuck positions are in store for her including her favorite. Welcome to the big top, Monica Keyes.

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Busty Scoreland - Danger! Busty Redhead Ahead!

Posted on: November 17, 2014

Danger! Busty Redhead Ahead!

Danger! Busty Redhead Ahead!

It's been several years since Brandy and her bouncing boobs visited SCORE. She was Busty 'N' Wet fucking at poolside. She played poker and got poked for it. And there's more of Brandy pole vaulting in her Model Directory. She was away too long and that's been fixed. "I stay in contact with my fans," Brandy said in a new video interview. "People email me, and a lot of them have been saying, 'When are you going to shoot again?' and I thought, 'Now's the time.' The fans made me start realizing I missed it, so I thought, 'Okay, let's go back and do it again.' Decked out in a purple bra and panties, Brandy wastes no time climbing in bed to give Tony her bulging bazooms to bury his face in and suck on. The redhead from Ohio likes to have her body worshipped and plenty of attention paid to her 36DDD breasts before she reaches out for the cock and goes deep. She purrs and coos like the sex kitten she's known as. Tony's hard wood hits all of Brandy's sweet spots in missionary, doggie and girl-on-top and she gives as good as she gets. Brandy knows everything about tit-sex, cock sucking and fuck positions. No one can teach this busty redhead anything about rack-riding and there's nothing tame about her game. With all that, Brandy has never lost her Midwest, cornfed, wholesome vibe. She still looks like the farmer's daughter. And you know what every guy thinks about the farmer's daughter. Welcome back, Brandy Dean.

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Big Tit Movies - Emily Anderson - Voluptuous Xtra #10

Posted on: November 14, 2014

Voluptuous Xtra #10

Voluptuous Xtra #10

Emily Anderson buys breast cream that allegedly works overnight. She shows her man the jar of breast enlargement cream she has rubbed on her breasts. He tells her that the stuff will never work and goes to sleep. When he wakes up, he sees that Emily's top has come unbuttoned because her big breasts have burst it open. The cream works! She is now the proud owner of huge boobs. Before he wakes Emily up to fuck her, he plays with her breasts and lines her up to slide his cock in between them. He will layer real breast cream on her jugs of joy after he has her coochy.

After this XXX video, Emily talked to an editor about her big boobs. "I think every guy who sees them, their jaws drop. They like to touch them, play with them and, you know, do what you guys call titty fucking. And a lot of pulling, sucking and tugging on them. My nipples are extremely sensitive. I get like instantly wet. Instantly dripping. I get so wet just from somebody touching them or sucking on them. If the fabric rubs the right way on my nipples, I get hard in a second and really wet down there. They kind of move and jiggle when I walk if I don't have a bra on, so yeah, I guess you could say my nipples are always hard and I am always wet!"

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Busty Videos - Michelle Bond - Kitten In Chains

Posted on: November 11, 2014

Kitten In Chains

Kitten In Chains

Michelle Bond is not in prison. It just looks like it for a few seconds. But she is in decorative chains. They attach her wrists to her neck. Michelle ambles over to a saucer of milk on the floor and gets on her hands and knees. She leans forward and licks it, then dips her big boobs into the saucer. She holds them up. Who would not want to lick off her fleshy globes? "Would you like to see me pour the milk all over my tits? Your wish is my command," Michelle says. She lifts the saucer and pours the milk all over her huge knockers. She lies back on a couch and rubs and spreads her coochy lips and clit. Michelle has brought along her not-so-little friend, a long, brown, prick-shaped dildo. She opens her legs a little more and begins working the dick into her box, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

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Busty Scoreland - Charlee Chase - My Boob Heaven

Posted on: November 08, 2014

My Boob Heaven

My Boob Heaven

Trapped in Boob Heaven, Jean Val Jean returns home after fucking little piece of ass Angie Sward in the gym to find the ultimate male fantasy awaiting his pleasure thanks to his loving wife Charlee Chase. Close chums Charlee and Kitty are chatting on the phone. Kitty tells Charlee that it's her birthday. She also tells Charlee that she's horny and needs to cum a few times. Kitty always gets laid on her birthday but she has no boyfriend at the moment. Sympathetic to her friend's needs, Charlee tells her that she'll hook her up with her husband's dick and will drop by later with him. When Jean gets home, he's beat but Charlee sweet talks him into going to Kitty's place where the girls will treat him like a piece of meat so he can service them both. First they tease him with a scorching hot girl show while he sits by the bed and watches them purr. He gets worked up watching these two busty sex kittens and joins them so they can work over his aching joint in a three-way fuck-orgy. He fucks the shit out of them, just like they planned! And that's My Boob Heaven, a SCORE Classic! Still in porn, Charlee returned to SCOREVideos recently to fuck another dude in The Creamed vagina of Busty Charlee Chase.

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Scoreland Movies - Meet Chantal

Posted on: November 05, 2014

Meet Chantal

Meet Chantal

Chantal Raye contacted SCOREModelsWanted and it was a good day when she did. Chantal is an excellent addition to SCORELAND and SCOREVideos. She likes bowling, shooting pool and, most importantly, needless to say, taking her clothes and underwear off for our cameramen. Chantal always wears a bra unless she's home. Those big 'uns need all the support they can get. When Chantal meets a guy, she first looks at his feet. "Most women say a guy's stomach but I look at his feet. I like nice feet. I like a nice smile too," Chantal says. That's a new one. Guys love girls' feet but usually not the reverse. Chantal has a great smile herself. "I always make the first move and I like sex almost every day. I can be very assertive," Chantal emphasizes. True that. Fucking a total stranger for our cameras is about as assertive as a girl can get! And Chantal seems very easygoing. "When I'm in bed with a man, as long as I'm kept wet, I'm good!" Welcome aboard, Chantal Raye.

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Big Tit Video - Fit To Be Fucked

Posted on: November 02, 2014

Fit To Be Fucked

Fit To Be Fucked

There must be over a thousand work-out videos on the market. Scores of hot babes of all ages sweating, lifting, stretching, jumping and dancing. And we commend them for their dedication to health and fitness. But special honors must go to Sarah Sunshine for this special fitness video she did at the SCORE training room. This is the cock work-out and if you have seen any of Sarah's previous videos, you know how talented she is in that department. This is how Miss Sunshine stays toned and tight. She doesn't need machines, special cables, treadmills or steppers. She doesn't even need a leotard or skin tight pants and a tank top. In fact, Sarah starts the work-out dressed in lounge wear and sipping a drink which is something her fitness trainer is not used to. He has her change into tight booty shorts and a halter top and puts her through her paces but Sarah would much rather do something else. Her husband wants her to work-out but she would rather suck on her trainer's finger and hard bone than do sit-ups and jumping jacks. The brunette southerner with the sexy and smoky voice is one blazing hot and busty bitch! Her trainer finds himself being put through the spin cycle once Sarah focuses her talented mouth and tight snatch on his fuck muscle.

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Score Videos - Fucking Hotter Than Ever

Posted on: October 30, 2014

Fucking Hotter Than Ever

Fucking Hotter Than Ever

Claudia KeAloha's got the horny morning blues and she needs some hard sexin' awfully bad. She is ready to ride the bucking buckaroo to the Big O ranch! Make that the fucking fuckaroo. Five years back, Claudia had wild scenes in SCORE Xtra 12 and Big Tit P.O.V., and a dirty with Summer Sinn and Jean Valjean in Ultimate Summer Sinn. Since then, Claudia has lost none of her sex magic. In fact, she's nastier than before, if that was even possible. Currently exotic dancing, Claudia called us and asked if SCORE would like her back in bed. No is not in our vocabulary when it comes to big boobs and hot women. Here, Claudia and her sleep-over are snoozing when Claudia wakes up. Horny, Claudia touches her boobs, pulls her bra down and fingers her nipples. She needs to fuck and right now. No rainchecks. She throws off the covers, still dressed in stockings, panties and bra, and starts swallowing Largo's pole. Since she's a stripper, she's eager to perform a special pole dance on it. This pole dance is like a rain dance. It'll be raining man-juice all over Claudia. And that's the way she likes it.

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Scoreland Movies - My Boob Heaven

Posted on: October 27, 2014

My Boob Heaven

My Boob Heaven

Charlee Chase is from Tampa, Florida. For some reason, Tampa is a hotbed of horny strippers and porn stars. There used to be tons of nudie clubs there before the city imposed restrictions.

In this very hot scene from the SCORE Classic movie My Boob Heaven, Charlee's slinky flexibility allows her to twist her body into a lot of horny fucking positions. (She was a cheerleader in school.) When Jean Val Jean gets home to Charlee, he bears gifts of bras so Charlee will bare her body trying them on. Her modeling show drives Jean crazy. Charlee drops her bra under her boobs, takes off everything else and goes down on his boner, blowing him like a vacuum cleaner. He fucks her boobs and then roughly rams the living shit out her. She loves it and goes wild as he pounds her cunt hole like a machine. Dirty talking Charlee jerks off his shaft with an expert hand job that makes him pop his nuts all over her face and proffered boobs.

Sexually assertive Charlee likes to fuck as often as she can get cock and says clitoral stimulation gets her off best. Charlee says that guys should be funny and cocky if they want to score with girls but not obnoxious or arrogant. According to Charlee, the worst thing a guy can say to a woman is "to call you by the wrong name when you're having sex." That's why it's recommended you call all the women you know Baby or Honey at all times. You'll never screw up if you take the advice of your fuckin' friends from SCORE.

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Score Girls - Amber Lynn Bach - Oily To Bed

Posted on: October 24, 2014

Oily To Bed

Oily To Bed

One of our favorite younger Florida MILFs is back in town for some fuckin' fun, earning a big cock and a big modeling check. Amber Lynn Bach believes that a man should walk softly and carry a big meat stick, so Mr. Largo has again been offered the chance to drill Amber's pussy-hole and ram it home, an offer he would have been crazy to decline. (He was one of the two fuckers in Amber's previous threesome at SCORELAND.) After he slicks up Amber's big tits, she massages him with them like they're rollers and then tit-fucks him, too. A swinger at times, besides being an uninhibited hot wife, her life is sex, sex and more sex of the straight or kinky kind when she's not living the Florida lifestyle of beach, pool, gym, scuba and sightseeing. You can see what excellent shape this babe is in. A woman like this deserves as much semen as she can get. The perfect example of the modern American wife. Amber Lynn Bach gets the SCORE 21cc-salute.

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Scoreland Videos - Harmony Sweet - Harmony Goes To The Bra Store

Posted on: October 21, 2014

Harmony Goes To The Bra Store

Harmony Goes To The Bra Store

Harmony Sweet needs new bras. Her big boobs lack support. 38 inches is a lot of sweatermeat to haul around. She finds a bra store that a guy has run in his house for the past 20 years. The argumentative, aggressive shop clerk claims to be a brassiere expert. He sees Harmony and his little gray cells begin spinning. He fits Harmony with a series of bras but they don't seem to excite her. A very eager-to-please honey, Harmony is complacent when it comes to authoritative men, like the typical bra store owner. It ain't just a product to these guys! He suggests they go to the upstairs dressing room where he can properly measure her. She finds out that his measuring tool is his dick, not a tape-measure, and the room has a convenient bed. This is where he takes his special new customers and trains them in proper bra fitting. That doesn't faze Harmony and she lets him do as he pleases. Once his cock has fucked her breasts, she takes things into her own hands. Sucking his cock and balls, Harmony's drool spills out of her mouth. A good, hot fuck will complete her bra fitting and Harmony is so grateful, she jerks his goo out all over her lovely big boobs. If only he could find more nice customers like her. Consider a future as a bra store owner. They seem to do well for themselves.

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Score Videos - Estelle Taylor - It's A Bikini World

Posted on: October 18, 2014

It's A Bikini World

It's A Bikini World

Covergirl of December 2012 SCORE, Estelle Taylor's first appearance generated a good deal of positive attention. "Are all the Romanians beautiful and busty?" asked Whoa. "And I thought Lana Ivans was a fluke." Here Estelle is back in a teeny string bikini under cut-off denim shorts. Estelle has the perfect body for it. A former ballet student, university student Estelle is interested in furthering her fashion modeling career back home in Romania and likes to watch the TV show Top Model. "This girl clearly has beautiful breasts and is right up there with other favorites of mine such as Raylene Richards, Anna Song, etc. So what if she is a bit shy...please give us more of this girl, preferably in a number of different settings such as bathing, oiling and in various costumes."

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Score Porn - Christy Marks - Big Boob Taxi Driver

Posted on: October 15, 2014

Big Boob Taxi Driver

Big Boob Taxi Driver

The only way to drive! When sex bombshell Christy Marks is your cleavage cabbie, there's only one thing you wanna do. Get a guided tour of her incredible, flexible busty body. She is unstoppable. Christy steers this passenger the right way, making him forget his original destination. Christy's in the driver's seat but not for long. Not when she has the chance to take this fool for a ride he'll never forget. Christy is off the meter but not off the clock or the cock. Just leave the driving to her and don't try to give her a tip. She wants the whole shaft, not just the tip. And don't try to be a backseat driver. That's Christy's job also! Visit for everything Christy, from hot and nasty solos to wild and dirty threesomes. The ultimate girl-next-door is SCORELAND's Model of the freakin' Decade, Christy Marks, the Cock Cabbie of your dreams.

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Scoreland Videos - Roxi Red - Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time

Posted on: October 12, 2014

Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time

Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time

What the population of SCORELAND says about the amazing Roxi Red: "She proves that she's very sensual and made for sex as well." "Outstanding lady, what a discovery! She is tops from any angle, she has it all. More, more and more of this wonder woman. Goddess of the year by a long shot!" "Roxi is most beautiful. Does Roxi realize that to a breastman she is like a living goddess to us?" Since her debut in mid-September, we have all gone bananas over this super-natural lady and waited to see what she wants to try next. When Roxi said she was ready to try XXX action, we could hardly wait. And now the waiting is over.

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Scoreland Tits - Hard SCORE: Brandy Talore

Posted on: October 09, 2014

Hard SCORE: Brandy Talore

Hard <i />SCORE</i>: Brandy Talore

Brandy Talore was just getting started when she made Hard SCORE, one of two hardcore scenes that were the first she did, giving us the honor of busting her on-camera cherry. In this scene, Brandy is selling SCORE and Voluptuous magazine subscriptions door-to-door, something many girls do for extra income. Miss Talore comes into Jack's house but she doesn't make the sale because Jack is already a reader. So to reward him for his reader loyalty, Brandy gives him her gorgeous, young body. The dream comes to life! He gets to suck on the Talore nipples, get his dick sucked by the Talore mouth (while she kneels next to magazines with her pictures visible), gets to tit-fuck the Talore cleavage, lick the Talore clitty and fuck the Talore cunt before cumming on the Talore ta-tas. Brandy is especially sex-kittenish in this scene, the beginning of her porn career that's been going strong since. They fuck in nearly every position that comes to mind with the exception of hanging off a ceiling beam. Brandy even takes his hard pipe in the difficult and super-horny-looking pile-driver position. Yes, this is the cutie who, during her very first visit, told the editors that we shouldn't call boobs boobs "because it's rude." We love Brandy Talore. She's so cuddly and sexy.

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