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Scoreland Videos - Harmony Sweet - Harmony Goes To The Bra Store

Posted on: October 21, 2014

Harmony Goes To The Bra Store

Harmony Goes To The Bra Store

Harmony Sweet needs new bras. Her big boobs lack support. 38 inches is a lot of sweatermeat to haul around. She finds a bra store that a guy has run in his house for the past 20 years. The argumentative, aggressive shop clerk claims to be a brassiere expert. He sees Harmony and his little gray cells begin spinning. He fits Harmony with a series of bras but they don't seem to excite her. A very eager-to-please honey, Harmony is complacent when it comes to authoritative men, like the typical bra store owner. It ain't just a product to these guys! He suggests they go to the upstairs dressing room where he can properly measure her. She finds out that his measuring tool is his dick, not a tape-measure, and the room has a convenient bed. This is where he takes his special new customers and trains them in proper bra fitting. That doesn't faze Harmony and she lets him do as he pleases. Once his cock has fucked her breasts, she takes things into her own hands. Sucking his cock and balls, Harmony's drool spills out of her mouth. A good, hot fuck will complete her bra fitting and Harmony is so grateful, she jerks his goo out all over her lovely big boobs. If only he could find more nice customers like her. Consider a future as a bra store owner. They seem to do well for themselves.

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Score Videos - Estelle Taylor - It's A Bikini World

Posted on: October 18, 2014

It's A Bikini World

It's A Bikini World

Covergirl of December 2012 SCORE, Estelle Taylor's first appearance generated a good deal of positive attention. "Are all the Romanians beautiful and busty?" asked Whoa. "And I thought Lana Ivans was a fluke." Here Estelle is back in a teeny string bikini under cut-off denim shorts. Estelle has the perfect body for it. A former ballet student, university student Estelle is interested in furthering her fashion modeling career back home in Romania and likes to watch the TV show Top Model. "This girl clearly has beautiful breasts and is right up there with other favorites of mine such as Raylene Richards, Anna Song, etc. So what if she is a bit shy...please give us more of this girl, preferably in a number of different settings such as bathing, oiling and in various costumes."

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Score Porn - Christy Marks - Big Boob Taxi Driver

Posted on: October 15, 2014

Big Boob Taxi Driver

Big Boob Taxi Driver

The only way to drive! When sex bombshell Christy Marks is your cleavage cabbie, there's only one thing you wanna do. Get a guided tour of her incredible, flexible busty body. She is unstoppable. Christy steers this passenger the right way, making him forget his original destination. Christy's in the driver's seat but not for long. Not when she has the chance to take this fool for a ride he'll never forget. Christy is off the meter but not off the clock or the cock. Just leave the driving to her and don't try to give her a tip. She wants the whole shaft, not just the tip. And don't try to be a backseat driver. That's Christy's job also! Visit for everything Christy, from hot and nasty solos to wild and dirty threesomes. The ultimate girl-next-door is SCORELAND's Model of the freakin' Decade, Christy Marks, the Cock Cabbie of your dreams.

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Scoreland Videos - Roxi Red - Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time

Posted on: October 12, 2014

Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time

Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time

What the population of SCORELAND says about the amazing Roxi Red: "She proves that she's very sensual and made for sex as well." "Outstanding lady, what a discovery! She is tops from any angle, she has it all. More, more and more of this wonder woman. Goddess of the year by a long shot!" "Roxi is most beautiful. Does Roxi realize that to a breastman she is like a living goddess to us?" Since her debut in mid-September, we have all gone bananas over this super-natural lady and waited to see what she wants to try next. When Roxi said she was ready to try XXX action, we could hardly wait. And now the waiting is over.

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Scoreland Tits - Hard SCORE: Brandy Talore

Posted on: October 09, 2014

Hard SCORE: Brandy Talore

Hard <i />SCORE</i>: Brandy Talore

Brandy Talore was just getting started when she made Hard SCORE, one of two hardcore scenes that were the first she did, giving us the honor of busting her on-camera cherry. In this scene, Brandy is selling SCORE and Voluptuous magazine subscriptions door-to-door, something many girls do for extra income. Miss Talore comes into Jack's house but she doesn't make the sale because Jack is already a reader. So to reward him for his reader loyalty, Brandy gives him her gorgeous, young body. The dream comes to life! He gets to suck on the Talore nipples, get his dick sucked by the Talore mouth (while she kneels next to magazines with her pictures visible), gets to tit-fuck the Talore cleavage, lick the Talore clitty and fuck the Talore cunt before cumming on the Talore ta-tas. Brandy is especially sex-kittenish in this scene, the beginning of her porn career that's been going strong since. They fuck in nearly every position that comes to mind with the exception of hanging off a ceiling beam. Brandy even takes his hard pipe in the difficult and super-horny-looking pile-driver position. Yes, this is the cutie who, during her very first visit, told the editors that we shouldn't call boobs boobs "because it's rude." We love Brandy Talore. She's so cuddly and sexy.

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Score Models - Double Chavon

Posted on: October 06, 2014

Double Chavon

Double Chavon

"I almost always wear a bra," says Chavon Taylor. "If not an actual bra, then a sports bra. Always something because I don't want to have saggage in the future. When I go out in public, I am always wearing Bebe of some sort, and of course a pair of heels. Hair and make-up is a must. My outfits always match. My perfect evening is one where I can get decked out with my girls and go to a huge house party to have a bomb-ass time. I am not a big fan of the formal date. The dates I like are the kind when a guy brings me to a party or club or someplace really happening. I used to be a cheerleader so I'm always dancing. I hate it when guys just out of nowhere will come over to me and say something like 'Wanna fuck?' I mean, obviously, we all want to fuck eventually. But guys need to work up to that moment and can't just skip over the intro parts. Pick-up lines are so overrated. I don't think any guy needs to use them or waste their money buying courses from some 'pick-up king.' I love it when guys take control but sometimes guys are shy and a girl has to jump in there and show them what they can have."

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Big Boobz - Tits & Clits

Posted on: October 03, 2014

Tits & Clits

Tits & Clits

"Lana Lotts was one of my favorite girls," said Kelly Madison at the time of this Classic. "I got so horny looking at her luscious body and I loved it when our tongues were licking each other's cunts. We always came very hard when we were together, and being watched added to our excitement. If I was going to do any girl-girls at SCORE in the beginning, the only girl for me was Lana." They were super-hot for each others' nipples, tongues and cunts and pulled out huge toys also. "For me, a guy's cock can't be replaced. A real cock will always be the best," Kelly said after these photos were shot. "But I've fooled around enough with Lana to cum many times from the way she's fucked my cooch with all kinds of toys." "The best is when the entire mouth is around my nipple," said Lana, now retired from the scene. "Just suck them. Not too hard or too softly. Medium. If you do it right, I can get off just by having my nipples licked."

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Score Porn - Felicia Clover - I Heart Anal

Posted on: September 30, 2014

I Heart Anal

I Heart Anal

Felicia Clover's first anal scene is all about her ass. Not her boobs this time. Not her hot lips. It's all about her fantastic ass, ripe and ready for the cock for the first time on-camera. "Oh, yeah, all about it," says Felicia with a coy smile. "My very first ever! Ever, ever," Felicia emphasizes, adding some body English.

"He has an awesome cock," says Felicia about her booty call and SCORE regular Carlos. Carlos fucked Felicia before at in a hot and oily massage parlor scene called "The Big Boobs & Booty Rubdown." He knows Felicia's anatomy well from that but her ass is virgin territory to him. Being in clover was never like this.

Inside the dressing room, Felicia described in detail how she likes her butt man-handled. "Please have the lube on. Fingering is good, then slowly build up to two fingers, then three, then he can put his cock in me. All the way in."

The road to Felicia's anal-gasm begins with her butt poured into tight white shorts, her big boobs covered by a flimsy top. But this event is all about Felicia's ass.

"You know, a guy called me a 'Whooty' and I had to Google it and it means 'a white girl with a big booty.' So, I guess I am a Whooty," said Felicia, whose fine trunk is packed with plenty of sexy junk. If ever there was an ass for banging, that ass belongs to Felicia Clover in another SCORELAND first.

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Scoreland Movies - Big Boob Taxi Driver

Posted on: September 27, 2014

Big Boob Taxi Driver

Big Boob Taxi Driver

The only way to drive! When sex bombshell Christy Marks is your cleavage cabbie, there's only one thing you wanna do. Get a guided tour of her incredible, flexible busty body. She is unstoppable. Christy steers this passenger the right way, making him forget his original destination. Christy's in the driver's seat but not for long. Not when she has the chance to take this fool for a ride he'll never forget. Christy is off the meter but not off the clock or the cock. Just leave the driving to her and don't try to give her a tip. She wants the whole shaft, not just the tip. And don't try to be a backseat driver. That's Christy's job also! Visit for everything Christy, from hot and nasty solos to wild and dirty threesomes. The ultimate girl-next-door is SCORELAND's Model of the freakin' Decade, Christy Marks, the Cock Cabbie of your dreams.

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Busty Videos - Belly Dancer

Posted on: September 24, 2014

Belly Dancer

Belly Dancer

Girls who have killed in belly dancer costumes. There are a few at SCORELAND. The first was the very popular Ariana in 2000, an American hottie born in Afghanistan and raised in California. Ukrainian bombshell Valory Irene tried it on and looked very slinky and sexy. Dominno looked slinky too. Contessa Rose and Sophie Mae, a belly dancing instructor in Prague, taught other SCORE Girls to swivel their hips. And now Jasmine Shiraz wears one for the first time. A Jersey girl born in Iran and living in the States since she was eight. She is the first SCORE model born in Iran, so you could say that Jasmine was literally born to wear that belly dancer costume. This one has coins sewn into it that jingle when Jasmine jiggles. She caresses and fondles her beautiful natural 34F breasts, plays with grapes and a banana and then rubs one out. Very horny, and that trimmed bush is a boner bonus. A very intelligent girl, Jasmine has a graduate degree. People in this boob-prejudiced society think that girls with big boobs aren't smart. "They've got it wrong," Jasmine points out. "I don't know why they'd think that. I guess when they see these, they forget the rest. I definitely have to prove myself a little bit more all the time, more than girls who have smaller boobs. I guess women bosses can be a little intimidated or distrustful of girls with big boobs, but there's no reason for that. I know they can be a distraction, but when I'm at work, I don't dress to show them off." Except here! Stay sexy, Jasmine and keep rotating those hips!

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Big Tit Video - Manhandled

Posted on: September 21, 2014


Man<i /></i>handled

If you've seen Stephanie Stalls' videos before, you know that the vivacious Kentuckian striptease star is a very chatty, vocal girl, especially when she's fucking. She's a live-wire, a high-energy girl on stage around the country and in bed. Manhandled takes Stephanie on a different route. She won't be able to talk! In the opener, Stephanie puts a submissive's ball-gag in her mouth, the kind of restraint used in B&D films. Her sex partner is watching and goes ape on her from the start, squeezing her huge 34F cups and sucking her nipples roughly, slapping them, slapping her face, and roughly fingering her cunt. He has her remove the gag only to service his boner with her mouth. When he's ready to fuck, after she uses her boobs to massage him, he has her put the gag back on and begins to roughly fuck her hard. When her need to cry out and moan is too great to hold back, the gag comes out of her mouth. He wants to fuck Stephanie's ass after having fucked her cunt and begins to bang into her tight butthole like a lunatic. And his plans for Stephanie include a cum feeding when he has had his ass satisfaction. Is this Stephanie's nastiest video out of all of her SCORE videos? You tell us.

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Big Boobs - From Hump To Bump

Posted on: September 18, 2014

From Hump To Bump

From Hump To Bump

Shyla Shy's horny "From Mamazon To Preggazon" has re-sparked another ancient debate here at SCORELAND: seeing pregnant girls either posing alone or sexing it up with the cock. The last knocked-up lovely was Kali West. Admittedly, the right pregnant models are very hard to find. (They've got to be really good-looking with big boobs, right?) The majority of the sound-offs have been favorable to continued pregnant shoots. Big Jeff comments, "Shyla, congratulations. You're one of my favorite models, and now I get to see you in all of your womanly glow, getting naughty. Look forward to seeing another scene or pictorial in the future." There are several letters, both negative and positive, in Scorecard #604 about pregnant girls. E. writes, "I, too, say, 'No,' so, please quit all of the preggo features." But E. appears to be in the vocal minority. Overall, the yeas outnumber the nays. So here's Shyla's baby-bumped belly and heavy-hangered bod back in a sexy solo without any man-face in the picture. Savor the geography if you like 'em knocked-up. Pregnant girls are beautiful, aren't they?

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Scoreland Tits - Amber Lynn Bach - Oily To Bed

Posted on: September 15, 2014

Oily To Bed

Oily To Bed

One of our favorite younger Florida MILFs is back in our town for some fuckin' fun, earning a fat cock and a fat modeling check. We've seen her creampied earlier here at SCOREVideos and taking on two cocks at SCORELAND. Amber Lynn Bach believes that a man should walk softly and carry a big meat stick, so Mr. Largo has been offered the chance to drill Amber's twat-hole and ram it home in this fresh scene, an offer he would have been crazy to decline. (He was one of the two fuckers in Amber's threesome.) After he slicks up Amber's big tits, she massages him with them like they're rollers and then tit-fucks him, too. This chick is very handy to have around. A swinger at times, besides being an uninhibited hot wife, her life is sex, sex and more sex of the straight or kinky kind when she's not living the Florida lifestyle of beach, pool, gym, scuba and sightseeing. You can see what excellent shape this babe is in. We see that Juan has been loading up on the protein drinks when he jerks off in Amber's face after he pounds her well-fucked pussy and drops a hefty amount of nut-milk on her pretty kisser, the cum dripping down her chin onto her beautiful tits and body. A woman like this deserves as much semen as she can get. We salute Amber Lynn Bach, the perfect example of the modern American wife.

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Scoreland Porn - Barbie Busts Into SCORE

Posted on: September 12, 2014

Barbie Busts Into SCORE

Barbie Busts Into <i />SCORE</i>

Barbie Kelley is the wife of a longtime SCORE reader. This gentleman has kept every issue of SCORE and Voluptuous magazine ever published so we're talking 20 years of devotion to big breasts. He and Barbie are mega-fans and love the models. Mrs. Kelley has a hot bod herself so Mr. Kelley has his own SCORE model at home. Now it's official because Barbie has joined the League of Extraordinary Busty Housewives of SCORE. This special club boasts such shapely and chesty members as Diane Poppos, Kelly Christiansen and Jayden Prescott. They took some snaps of Barbie at home naked and in heels and sent them to Now Barbie can call herself a member of the League too. And Barbie doesn't just pose in her birthday suit. She went for a grand slam with Mr. Kelley's blessings and did the deed with a professional stunt-cock. Mr. Kelley traveled with Barbie and got to explore the inner sanctum of the SCORE building first-hand. This was their fantasy and now it's reality. Barbie enjoys her big breasts and enjoys showing them off. "If I am going out, I usually wear a bra. Around the house, all bets are off and you'll be lucky to find me in any clothing if I am home." Mr. Kelley is a lucky man as well as benevolent to his fellow SCORE Men because realistically, how many guys are this generous? "I am a very sexual being and I enjoy sex seven to eight times a week," Barbie says. You'll be seeing her special talents in her debut SCORELAND video "Barbie Busts Into SCORE." A second video "Barbie Kelley's SCORE Initiation" is now playing at Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Kelley!

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Big Tits - Cum For Maggie Green

Posted on: September 09, 2014

Cum For Maggie Green

Cum For Maggie Green

Maggie Green. The all-American blonde beauty-next-door. Blessed with natural big boobs and a gorgeous, slim body. A girl who earned college funds by easily winning wet T-shirt contests. At first, Maggie specialized in wearing sexy sports outfits. Then she began posing topless. She took her time making her choices. Maggie first came to SCORE in 2009 and is one of the few to have her own special at SCORELAND. That week kicked off Maggie's regular visits to SCORE. Over time, Maggie began to get bolder and hotter. Hornier and more revealing. It's kinda like the way some big-boob models did things the old-school way in earlier years. Maggie began spreading her pussy and pleasuring herself with toys first at SCORELAND. Then she co-starred with Daphne Rosen in the feature movie Boob Science. In their first time together, Daphne strapped on a rubber cock and fucked Maggie in a hot coupling. In 2011, Maggie and Angela White played together on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten for the feature Angela White Gets Fucked, Angela's first hardcore sex flick with men. Maggie joined with Angela in a threesome with a guy, tit-fucking him and licking Angela's pussy, but only Angela was fucked. While there, Maggie did her first breasts & Tugs scene, giving a hand job and a tit wank to one lucky bastard. Now Maggie is back at SCORE and has decided to unleash her libido and get fucked by pro cock for the first time. If you are a SCORELAND member and get SCOREVideos as part of our Loyalty Program, you get a Maggie Green super-special--another XXX video and a separate video interview on SCORELAND in which Maggie tells why she finally decided to go "hard SCORE." It's a triple header of lovely and sexy Maggie. In this SCOREVideos scene, Maggie gets so hot, you'll need to spray your screen with a fire extinguisher. Maggie Green, the stacked, natural beauty every guy would like to carry to bed, is here to fuck for SCORE Men. Some events are worth waiting years for. This is one of them.

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Busty Scoreland - Ria Sakuragi - SCORE Goes Japanese

Posted on: September 06, 2014

SCORE Goes Japanese

<i />SCORE </i>Goes Japanese

In Japan, Ria Sakuragi has become a well-known name in the big boob community. In her first SCORE video shot in Tokyo, Ria wants to properly introduce her ultra-slim topheavy body. She has oval shaped, very dark brown areolae that apex above and below her dark brown nipples. Ria's boobs are very pliable and malleable and Ria can easily squish and squeeze them. She lays back on the bed to ice her nipples with a cube, then fetches a King Kong-sized pink rubber cock-toy and uses it as a breast-massager. "There are more big-boobed girls in Japan than westerners realize," Ria said through a translator. "I know many more. Hitomi is my friend and I saw her SCORE pictures. I am happy to be in SCORE too, my first western magazine."

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Big Boobz - High-Sugar Sex

Posted on: September 03, 2014

High-Sugar Sex

High-Sugar Sex

Please meet and greet Sadie Blooms, a huge-boobed beauty who contacted and wanted to join SCORE's galaxy of bra-stretching lovelies. And she wanted to fuck too. Today's new models do not wait weeks, months or years and there is no one trying to hold them back from total, personal sexpression. How lucky are you, SCORE Man? How did Sadie even know about SCORE? "It was because of my boob-loving friend," Sadie told us. "He loves you and urged me to connect with you." Sadie is one of those fortunate girls who sprouted as a teen and now rips the tape at 38G. She likes to play tennis and watch her favorite teams, the Eagles and the Phillies. Sadie's goal in life is to enter a triathlon because "it would be such an accomplishment." This is worrisome because of the dangers involved. Sadie could lose breast-size training for this grueling event and the very thought of this is stressing us out. Sadie's first magazine appearance is December '12 SCORE but you're seeing her here first in an exclusive release "High-Sugar Sex." Dressed in a skimpy bra, panties and heels, Sadie greets her sex-date with a cleavage full of whipped cream decorated by a strawberry. What a high-calorie dessert! After licking that up, she sprays whipped cream on his cock, he sprays it on her coochy, and they both lick up the sweet creamy goodness. For the main course, Sadie is fucked good and hard. Marvel at her magnificence as her tits bounce and shake with each in-and-out stroke! Welcome to the universe of busty angels, Sadie Blooms!

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Scoreland Videos - Hometown Hooters

Posted on: August 31, 2014

Hometown Hooters

Hometown Hooters

Part-time model Carrie Ashton has a regular job so no one gets to see her magnificence like you do. "My work clothes are so terrible," Carrie said. "Very professional. Very frumpy. Nothing revealing at all. They are cute, but they actually make me look bigger than I am. When I go out to party or club it, I will wear a dress. I like stilettos, too. I like to dress up to go out, but for every day I am very casual and relaxed. Even though I am not very girly most of the time, I like getting all sexy when I got out. I like to look hot." Carrie's more of a homebody, though. Emphasis on the word body. "Actually, I can't stand going out to restaurants because a lot of times, when I do go out, people stare at me because of my boobs and they act stuck up and full of themselves. That is not my idea of a good time. I prefer to get takeout and stay home and watch the game on T.V., or, like, a movie." So who needs to go out with a girl like this waiting at home?

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Score Girls - Roxi Red And Her 38K's Will Blow You Away

Posted on: August 28, 2014

Roxi Red And Her 38K's Will Blow You Away

Roxi Red And Her 38K's Will Blow You Away

Roxi Red's first pictorials and videos had everyone clamoring for more! Her gigantic ta-tas (38K wonders of nature) had us reeling like boob-drunk sailors. Roxi is one of the biggest-breasted finds of the past 20 years of SCORE. Now Roxi makes her SCOREVideos debut with her second pump and hump hooternanny. A huge chest needs a big dick so Johnny Champ has the honors again. Roxi looks awesome in her skimpy white top and traffic-stopping denim short-shorts. He plays with her mounds like it's Titmas morning, then plays wet T-shirt contest by pouring water on her top, making it see-through. Roxi is stripped down totally naked and gets on her knees to suck his nine-incher. She has a thick bush too, a rare sight these days but one much appreciated by muff lovers. Huge boobs, a sexy body and a bush: nirvana for many. Roxi drools, licks and kisses his shaft and nuts until it's as wet as her dangling gazongas. She is an excellent cock sucker. Now it's time to fuck! Roxi gets on her side for position #1, a side-winder. Can she take this trouser-python? Roxi had never made videos until SCORE found her. She glances into the camera while she's getting the pipe and shaking her boobs in numerous fuck positions. Is she looking for approval? Assurance? Whatever the reasons, her glances add another dimension of fucking heat to her bed bouncing. "So hot it kills!" wrote longtime SCORE Man Seth 1968. "I can't wait for this mega-hottie to make it to DVD. She is fucking beautiful!"

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Scoreland Videos - Two Brits 'A Boobin'

Posted on: August 25, 2014

Two Brits 'A Boobin'

Two Brits 'A Boobin'

Michelle Bond and Leanne Crow. Now this is a match made in hooter heaven. They are both incredibly stacked and curvy. This is why bigamy should be legalized. Remember their "Have a bounce?" trampoline jumping in Chapter 2 of Leanne's Stacked Summer? That amazing tit-jiggling and mashing on the huge trampoline afterwards? They are two of a bouncing pair. Why do girls like them always come from the United Kingdom? We've been asking that question for 20 years. "I was a very late bloomer," said Leanne. "I didn't develop until I was around 16 years old and then it was like they grew overnight. It was crazy because I was flat-chested throughout most of my schooling. I remember that I would make excuses not to go swimming with the other girls because I was extremely flat chested and they all had boobs. I actually used to stuff my bra and I couldn't go swimming because it would be like I had boobs and then in a swimsuit, I didn't." And Michelle's boobs really growth-spurted much later if you look at her early photos. "As my body has kind of grown a bit, they've grown with me. The only thing that's different between now and years ago is that I don't party as much. I used to be stick-thin, and my boobs weren't that big because I partied a lot, but now, I don't know. I haven't done anything to them. They've just grown. I used to be an F-cup. Now I'm a 34H."

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Score Porn - Sexposed

Posted on: August 22, 2014



Meet Czech honey Krystal Swift, a beautiful girl who loves being photographed and gets that special tingle when her nipples and pussy are licked and fucked on-camera. What is it about the Czech Republic that produces so many free-spirited girls like this? The SCORE Studio saw Krystal's snaps and one look was all it took. With her pigtails and country girl outfit, sweet and fresh-faced Krystal looks like the farmer's daughter who moved to the big city. Krystal's fuck-date begins his investigation of her sexy body by feasting on her gorgeous boobs, burying his face in her cleavage and sucking deeply on her nips. The suction does its magic on her and she sighs with growing expectations. She lifts both perfect boobs in her hands and squeezes them hard. He enjoys the sight of her doing this and she obliges by tugging her nipples, shaking her boobs vigorously and boob-smacking his face. Heading south of the border, he fingers and licks Krystal's pussy which fuels her desire for a rock-hard cock between her lips. Rubbing her slit, she swallows his shaft as deeply as she can. Krystal then lifts her boobs up again and squeezes them tightly so he can fuck the cleavage crack, his cock lubed by her spit. Now the great moment, the deep, hard plunge into Krystal's beautiful, pink pussy-hole as she spreads her sexy, sleek legs wide open and raises them up above her head. Moaning and passionately crying out with every stroke, Krystal is pounded every which way.

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Big Boobz - "Knock My Socks Off!"

Posted on: August 19, 2014

"Knock My Socks Off!"

Sock-wearing Siri is about to really sock it to Johnny at SCORELAND. She's wearing a sporty knotted top and blue panties that show off every curve and valley of her luscious, creamy body. Long blue socks that look like she's going to play softball in the park. But today is major league hardball in the bedroom with this amazing rookie and it's game on. With eye-candy presented like this, he can't resist opening the box and sampling Siri's sweet treats and gets to third base very quickly. Siri's panties come off so her box can be licked and kissed. Siri kneels and begins sucking on his extra-hefty hose, making spit strings as she puts it in and out of her mouth. She rubs his nuts with one hand, her boobs with the other. She cups both boobs in her palms while Johnny pumps her mouth. The sight of Siri's gorgeous face with cock in her mouth surpasses all the art treasures of every museum in the world. Siri and Johnny have sex fever and they need to cure it by hard, pounding fucking. Watch how she savors his eventual cum explosion. How the lens didn't fog up is a mystery. In Siri's previous video, Ramjet commented, "I'm wondering if there's a little touchup done on the video. It doesn't seem to me that such perfection can be natural." But there was no manipulation. Siri is real, incredibly real, and she rules.

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Score Tits - Daphne Rosen - Measure Those Nose Cones

Posted on: August 16, 2014

Measure Those Nose Cones

Measure Those Nose Cones

Proud of her giant breasts, Daphne gets her 36G whompas measured by Jeremy who then has the pleasure of fucking her. Boobs and brains in one shapely package, Daphne is one of the smartest girls you could meet.

"I've always been a big admirer of women with curves and the old renaissance pictures with women who are shapely. That's what makes us women, that we have bodies. I'm proud to be a woman."

"If you see me in public, I'm either wearing low slung jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers or a very short skirt, a tight shirt and high-heeled shoes. It depends on my mood."

"Sometimes I am a size queen. Other times I want a much smaller cock. Simply feeling a really hard dick turns me on. My cunt likes to accommodate all sorts of cock, so whether the cock is big or small, it figures it out and suctions right around it. I've got ass, and I'm thick, so if you can get the cock past my thighs and to the hole, we're all good."

"I get a lot of stares. I've had people try and take pictures of me, but they forget to turn off the click on the camera phone, so I hear them. I just laugh, because it's fine. I get annoyed when people are a little aggressive, and in New York City when I'm walking down the street, I get a lot of comments."

"I'm a very level-headed, mellow kind of person, so things that happen, whether good or bad, I always take in stride. I always treat the universe good, and it always treats me good. I'm always nice. It just depends on how you define nice. I'm very nice to people who are nice to me."

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Scoreland Movies - The Creamed Cunt Of Karen Fisher

Posted on: August 13, 2014

The Creamed cooch Of Karen Fisher

The Creamed Cunt Of Karen Fisher

And now for some fuck time with Karen Fisher, who's been with SCORE for over ten years... way before she began sucking and fucking total strangers on-camera. (She was originally recommended by another SCORE Girl, Corina Curves, now retired.) Karen's big jugs are falling out of her strapless tube dress, a particularly fine choice of dress for the kind of stacked body she has. We asked her why she likes sucking the cock-head so much and she said that it's the best part. With a title like "The Creamed cooch Of Karen Fisher," you know where the nut-juice is going to end up after Mr. Largo drills her pussy. We're just sorry Karen can't savor the sight of the baby batter leaking out of her pussy-hole. You can appreciate that Karen Fisher knows exactly what her role is and what guys like so let's give thanks for hot bitches like her.

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Busty Scoreland - Sara Jay - Executive Sex

Posted on: August 10, 2014

Executive Sex

Executive Sex

There are sex stars and there are SEX STARS. If you have been a member of SCORELAND,, buy SCORE DVDs or read SCORE magazine, then you already know who this powerhouse of fucking and dick sucking is. A girl who can deep throat the biggest dicks with the greatest of ease. Sara Jay is one of those girls your mother and your father warned you about. Yet, Sara's beginnings were anything but oversexed. "I was working four jobs and going to college. University of Cincinnati. I was a customer-service phone person. I was also a waitress at a spaghetti restaurant, and I was a coat-check girl at a nightclub, and I also sold Avon. I was an Avon Lady! I was working 96 hours a week and taking 14 credit hours at school. I didn't really care about my body, but when I went to clubs, I got to try wearing new stuff, and I liked it. Guys would check me out, and I liked that. I'd only been with one guy, but then when I started going to the clubs, I started meeting people and fucking a lot and having lots of fun." Then she learned to deep throat with strings of drool pouring out of her mouth. "I've always had an oral fixation. I sucked my thumb until I was 10. I eat. I chew a lot of gum. I like having things in my mouth. Lollipops, especially when they have Tootsie Rolls in the middle. I've had people say, 'Oh, what're you doing?' And they know what I'm doing. I'm giving a blow job to the lollipop, although I don't realize I'm doing it until they say something." In this Classic, Sara gets a job evaluation... of her fucking and sucking skills!

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