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Score Models - Brandy Dean - Home Body

Posted on: June 30, 2015

Home Body

Home Body

"I'm from Ohio. I like it there. It's a great place to live. I have friends and family there, and I can travel wherever I like, so I stayed. I kind of like to visit Los Angeles in small doses, I never felt like I wanted to settle down there."

"I stay in contact with my fans. People email me, and a lot of them have been saying, 'When are you going to shoot again?' and I thought, 'Now's the time' after you contacted me. The fans made me start realizing I missed it, so I thought, 'Okay, let's go back and do it again.'"

"I feature-danced for years. It's a little different on the feature scene so I'm not doing it now, but I enjoyed it. I was tired of the travel. I like to travel, but you get burnt out."

"I'm good friends with some SCORE Girls. There's Kayla Kleevage and Summer Sinn. Sara Jay. Some other girls as well. I've walked down the street with Kayla and there's no way to disguise her breasts. One time we were in the airport and we were wearing sweats, but there's no way to cover her boobs. Being with her is interesting."

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Scoreland Porn - Maid To Perfection

Posted on: June 27, 2015

Maid To Perfection

Maid To Perfection

Jenna Valentine is maid to order in this fantasy dream from Mexico. Could you watch her dust all afternoon or would you lose your mind early on? Jenna looks so sexy in this traditional French maid outfit that we can't believe we never thought of this before in all the time we've known her. The cleaning part is nice but seeing Jenna get comfy on the bed in this outfit is even more fun. Maybe Jenna would wear it at home when she's on her cam, although she told us when she first came to SCORE that most of the time at home "I'm totally naked. I love to be naked. I will lay naked in bed, eat naked in bed and do a bunch of other stuff while I am naked in bed." Jenna is a blast and always fun. She has a great sense of humor. "Girls who sleep with bras on are...stupid. That has to be totally uncomfortable. When I get home, I take my bra off. It's, like, the first thing. They are so fucking contained in there, I just want to let them out. Having big boobs is really tough. It's a tough lifestyle." It is a tough lifestyle but somebody's got to live it. And we're very happy that Jenna is one of them.

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Score Girls - Micky's Latex Dress

Posted on: June 24, 2015

Micky's Latex Dress

Micky's Latex Dress

How many times in your life have you seen a girl built like Micky? Us too. Not too many! So the fact that she decided to become a model is itself a miracle. After pressing her 46 inchers against the glass panes of her room's door, Micky enters wearing a green latex dress, black stockings and fuck-me heels. In point of fact, Micky's boobs enter the room before the rest of her does. This is the same skintight dress she wore in her SCORELAND pictorial and how it stays in one piece is another miracle. Her boobs are damn near ready to overflow her dress like a river spilling over a dam. That's 11 inches of cleavage, friends. Prepare yourself for some exceptional self-sucking because Micky has a talent for this. She doesn't neglect to finger her sexy cooch between sucks. "Sometimes men are intimidated because of my boobs," Micky says. "A lot of men have never seen boobs as big as mine, so they are taken aback." What does Micky expect from SCORELANDERs who enjoy her pictorials and videos? "I hope that everyone likes them and sends their letters! I would like to read them." Okay, you heard the lady!

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Scoreland Videos - "Stripping Is Fun"

Posted on: June 21, 2015

"Stripping Is Fun"

Newbie Kalila Kane unleashes her sweater stretchers in her first video and starts bouncing like she's on a Pogo Stick. Bouncing boobs are an untapped source of green, alternate energy and this video proves it. Stripping down to her high heels, Kalila gets into bed and fingers her clitty to a moist climax. She's said that the most fun job she's had was being a stripper at a mom and pop strip club but maybe stripping, getting naked and masturbating at SCORELAND has its merits too. There are a lot more eyes on her here than the few dozen at a club. "I might be addicted to masturbating," admits Kalila and that's a good thing. Now what about dating? A girl does not live by masturbation alone. "The concept of dating is boring, social bullshit," says Kalila. "You can figure out in five minutes whether or not you like someone enough to want to continue interacting with them." Kalila calls it like she sees it!

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Score Tits - SCORE Goes Japanese

Posted on: June 18, 2015

SCORE Goes Japanese

<i />SCORE</i> Goes Japanese

Ria Sakuragi debuted as a super-slim, super-stacked model in Japan in 2011 and has become well-known in Japan among fans of big-boobed Japanese girls. Now Ria would like to expand her boundaries to America and Europe. Our man in Tokyo photographed Ria for SCORE and Ria's first video is now showing in SCORE Theater.

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Big Boobz - Water Nymph

Posted on: June 15, 2015

Water Nymph

Water Nymph

"I like any kind of man as long as he's funny, keeps himself clean and knows how to treat a woman," Arianna Sinn said about the kind of guys she likes to know. "I do not like men who are rude or pushy and must have their own way. I like a man who is respectful and knows how to romance a woman. Fashionable, kind and generous. Good personality. Looks do not matter. Just when he picks me up and we go for a walk with no schedule is my idea of a nice first date. Just walk around and talk very honestly about everything. I like to get to know a person and for him to get to know me." We were lucky to have a quiet, private beach with Arianna because people appear out of the air when she drops her tops and bottoms. Believe us, it's ever present. No boats appeared on the horizon either. That used to happen all the time during the Boob Cruises. Boats of all sizes would come out of nowhere as soon as the bikinis came off. It was uncanny. With Arianna's personality and looks, she'd be a natural for another Cruise if that ever were to happen.

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Big Tit Video - The Post-Pregnant Sex Show

Posted on: June 12, 2015

The Post-Pregnant Sex Show

The Post-Pregnant Sex Show

Beware if you are lactose intolerant. Our friend Shyla Shy has been a frequent guest at SCORELAND this year. She was here at seven months knocked up and very hot for cock. She came back at over eight months with an enormous belly bump. (Check out the SCORELAND Blog for her video chat at eight months. It's a miracle the editors didn't wind up in the delivery room with Shyla because she was almost ready to drop.) We're happy to report that Shyla has delivered her bundle of joy safe and sound and is back to fuck again like the voluptuous MILF she is. Shyla's body after baby is post-partum thick in the belly and her big boobs are full of milk. The very embodiment of fertility. Shyla was happy to share some mommy cream with her boff-buddy Carlos. As long as the kid doesn't get shortchanged at home, we were eager to see that and if you're a preggo and milker fan, you will be too. Shyla shows Carlos her new pink maternity bra that allows her to open the cups without taking off her bra straps and offers him a drink fresh out of the tap. He moves in and Shyla begins nipple-kneading, squirting the nutritious juice into his mouth. The milk flows freely as Shyla lactates. Shyla squirts his cock, then sucks him off, tasting her own milk. He fucks her deep-cleavage breasts and Shyla's mouth, then sticks it into where it all begins, her wet, sticky, pink pussy. While she's being fucked, Shyla keeps stimulating her nipples and leaking milk. When Carlos reaches the point of explosion, Shyla jacks his cock like a farmer's daughter and milks it until his own nut-milk squirts all over her face and chest. Milk. It's not just for coffee... or kids.

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Scoreland Tits - Charley J. Matthews - And They Call Her Charley

Posted on: June 09, 2015

And They Call Her Charley

And They Call Her Charley

"I get my workouts in the club I dance in," says Charley J. Matthews, a new arrival from Wisconsin. A SCORE reader who checks out Charley regularly from a stage-side seat suggested that she apply and try her stuff as a model. Charley is a quick study as this video proves. "My sexual fantasies are anything new. I love different positions and games. The 50 Shades of Grey books get me turned on lately. I think spanking is hot. I once had sex outside the public library at 6AM on a weekday. A little risky. My favorite position is doggie against a wall and I love kissing and any kind of foreplay that makes me crave more. I like role-playing. Doctor/patient, cop/bad guy, things like that. And I swallow."

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Score Tits - Joana - Oktoberbreast

Posted on: June 06, 2015



Joana Bliss gets a little overheated hauling steins of beer at the tavern, so when the crowds depart, it's time for Joana to cool off in this SCORELAND video Oktoberbreast. Drop the beer and go bare. We don't know if Joana drinks beer herself. She studies yoga so she may be a teetotaler. (We're titotalers ourselves.) She's a vegetarian too. 2013 will be her tenth year of modeling! Fellow Romanian Lana Ivans says that girls who eat a diet rich in corn can make their tits bigger while Czech dancer Sophie Mae says that natural foods can help. There's also a theory that the hops in beer can make a girl's boobs bigger. Whatever the facts are, there's no disputing the stimulating effects of a busty beer maid or buxom bartender. You can get boob drunk in no time! Drop your hops and show Joana some props!

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Scoreland Videos - Sink Into Softness

Posted on: June 03, 2015

Sink Into Softness

Sink Into Softness

Natalie Fiore knows how to dress that unbelievable body and here is more irrefutable proof of that. Now that Natalie's already huge breasts have gotten even bigger--if that were possible--it's got to be difficult for the beautiful brunette to buy tops and dresses that fit. She must keep her tailor very busy making adjustments for her mindblowing twin treasures, a job all of us would love to have if we could arrange it. Now that Natalie's been to Nassau, Prague, Grand Bahama Island and Mexico with SCORE's photo team over the past few years, where else is there to explore" It's cleavage contentment enough to just explore more of that luscious and curvaceous physique. The spread-eagle photos of Natalie, in particular 50 and 68, are an explorer's dream. Thank you again, Natalie Fiore.

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Big Boobs - Anjii Ross - "A Lot Of Women Stare And Get Jealous"

Posted on: May 31, 2015

"A Lot Of Women Stare And Get Jealous"

While we can definitely picture Anjii Ross shaking her big tits on a stage, she's never tried any exotic dancing before she began cam modeling. Here's a brief Q&A with Florida bra-buster Anjii.

Do you watch adult movies? What kind do you like?
"So many, it's hard to pick a favorite! Cuckold, anal, DP, girl-on-girl, hardcore, POV and more."

What favorite brands of bras do you buy?
"Fredericks of Hollywood and Victoria's Secret are nice but it's so hard to find my size. I love this brand called Smart & Sexy. They always have really sexy bras in my size!"

Do jealous women ever say anything about your breasts?
"Yes, a lot of women stare and get jealous. They're always making catty remarks!"

Do you have any favorite travel spots?
"Anywhere with a nice beach! I love laying in the sun, all oiled up in my bikini."

Did you play sports in school?
"I played volleyball."

In school, did you ever get in trouble for showing too much cleavage?
"Yes, all the time. It's hard to hide it when you have such big breasts!"

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Score Porn - Eva Notty - Forever Notty

Posted on: May 28, 2015

Forever Notty

Forever Notty

Licensed to thrill, Eva Notty once again takes no prisoners with that hot body in this pictorial from March '13 SCORE magazine. A SCORE guy from Argentina told us, "When I talk to my friends from Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, El Salvador, Uruguay and Argentina, they talk a lot about Eva Notty." Eva has fans everywhere.

Another SCORE guy is a little late to the big show (by three years) but just recently emailed us about Eva and this photo set that inspired him. "I must admit that I had never been a major fan of Eva Notty until I saw her wonderful layout in the March issue. But I will certainly be her fan from now on. Please convey to Eva both my apologies for not realizing previously how great she is, and my compliments for her exciting photos."

Sooner or later, Eva makes a convert out of every man. What is your favorite Eva layout, whether soft or hardcore? There are many to choose from.

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Busty Scoreland - The Art Of The Lap Dance

Posted on: May 25, 2015

The Art Of The Lap Dance

The Art Of The Lap Dance

It's dance instruction time and British knockout Michelle Bond is going to train Israeli strap-snapper Eden Mor in the fine art of lap dancing. "Perhaps you are wondering why you are dressed the way you are," Michelle asks Eden. "You are dressed the way you are because all men love strippers, and nothing turns a man on more than having his girlfriend or wife dance for him." Michelle shows Eden the right way to give a guy a good, close dance. "Now I want you to give me a lap dance." Michelle sits in a chair and Eden gives it a go. She is a natural at this! Eden gives Michelle the lap dance and does it perfectly, stripping down to her birthday suit as the erotic dance progresses. Michelle feels Eden up like a guy would, touching Eden's boobs and butt cheeks. "How did I do at it?" Eden asks when she's done. "If I had a cock, I would have cum in my pants," Michelle replies, hugging Eden. This is true hands-on dancing instruction. Teacher and pupil have done well.

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Big Boobs - SCORE Man's Bride

Posted on: May 22, 2015

SCORE Man's Bride

SCORE Man's Bride

Barbie Kelley's enthusiasm over her hub's favorite magazines spilled over to actually becoming one of SCORELAND's models and in hardcore XXX with pro-studs yet! Now that's a generous man to his fellow Boob Brothers. How many would do that? That calls for a survey. We did one a few years ago that asked "If your girlfriend (or wife) was asked to model nude, professionally, what would your reaction be? 47% said she can model if she wants to,18% objected to the idea of her modeling and 34% encourage her to try it. This poll would ask your reaction if she wanted to try a XXX scene with a guy. Let's check out Barbie in this more casual solo photo shoot. It's nice to have a busty wife around the house. "You'll be lucky to find me wearing any clothes around the house," says Barbie. "I am a very sexual being. I enjoy sex seven to eight times a week. My favorite sex position is whichever position is driving us to the brink. Not knowing what position I will end up in is an aphrodisiac in itself. When I give a blow job, I am a swallower for the most part. Occasionally when there's a camera around or if I am just being a little naughty, I will play with his cum. I have had sex in public. It was at a roadside park. I happened to have some toys in the car and when we stopped I began to play with myself using one of my favorite vibrators. My husband had to get out of the car and stand by my window to block other people from seeing me at one point. When traffic in the parking lot slowed down we managed to enjoy mind-blowing orgasms with the sun shining down on us. We drove away with a smile on our faces."

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Big Boobs - "I'm A Bad Girl When I'm Here."

Posted on: May 19, 2015

"I'm A Bad Girl When I'm Here."

"I'm a bad girl when I'm here," Kitana Flores says. "Right now. For a few hours. In the bedroom. Guys are sometimes surprised by that because I usually don't dress too sexy and I can be kind of laid back, but when they get me in the bedroom, I can be pretty wild. I think a lot of Puerto Rican girls are that way. We hide our wild side until we get into private situations. We don't think it's proper to be too out there in public, even though we can dress sexy."

"I can be very assertive when I'm horny or see a guy I like. I almost always make the first move. If I'm interested in you and I can tell you're interested in me, you'll know it. Then you'll see my wild side. I won't waste time. I mean, it could take hours before a guy decides to make a move, and a lot of guys are afraid to, so I'll do it for them."

"I'd rather be naked than wear clothes, but I think there's a time and a place for everything. I always wear a bra, even though I can probably get away without wearing one. Part of the reason I wear a bra is because I don't want my nipples poking through and part of the reason is because I want to keep my tits nice. I don't want them to sag too much when I get older."

"I like to be comfortable in everything I wear. I like to be classy but fashionable. I don't like to put it all out there. I like to keep the guys guessing a little bit."

"Girls say my boobs are my best body part. Guys say it's my ass. How about that? Guys like the booty, but they like the boobs, too, especially if they're Italian. But guys don't have to choose. They can have the whole thing if they're nice and honest."

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Scoreland Porn - Meet Goldie

Posted on: May 16, 2015

Meet Goldie

Meet Goldie

Meet Goldie Ray from Hollywood by way of Hawaii. Goldie emailed and sent in some at-home snaps. That was all it took. It has always been her dream to pose for a magazine. Now it'll happen. She likes to read, jog, watch "No Reservations," and wear revealing, sexy retro clothing. Goldie also writes erotica. Goldie says a sexy man is a man who doesn't want to be in the spotlight and who treats a woman like a lady. Goldie likes artistic, quiet, intelligent guys. "The worst thing a guy can say is 'I thought all women liked rich men,' because no, not all do," says Goldie. For a girl new to SCORE, Goldie doesn't hold anything back as you will see in the next few days. She has a beamer of a smile, a cheerful personality that the camera just sucks in like a sponge and a gorgeous, inviting face. Now about her pretty, shaved vagina that she spreads wide and fingers in this opening pictorial. Well, that's just for starters as an introduction for what's coming very soon. Welcome to SCORELAND, Goldie Ray.

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Scoreland Models - Three's Cum-pany

Posted on: May 13, 2015

Three's Cum-pany

Three's Cum-pany

She said she would be Bach one day. Whoa! Amber Lynn Bach Bach is back in the house of SCORE and that means big trouble. Good trouble. Hard trouble. This time, it's double trouble. "I see two big cocks that look really good right now," Amber says with a flash of her eyebrows. "Take 'em on, ya think"" asks Amber, bringing her hands to her bra-supported boobs that have huge cleavage mounds that nearly touch her chin. The hot Florida housewife-MILF and homegrown hardcore honey likes a challenge and she's definitely got her hands full in the pictorial and video "Three's Cum-pany." This is a woman who wants to be checked out, drooled over and fucked hard. That will never be a problem for the slim 'n stacked former dancer and now homemaker. Amber's eyes shoot out laser beams of pure, unadulterated lust as she feels up the beef rolls that have been specially ordered. The hardest part among many hard parts for Amber will be which way to turn her head as both studs vie for equal attention of her considerable skills. Rod #1 fucks Amber's face while rod #2 moves aside her matching panties to finger her clit-button, thick beaver lips and wet inner-pink, surrounded by a nicely-trimmed bush. Amber can't talk as hot as she'd like to, not while filling her throat with cocks on both sides of her. Dirty talk will not be easy as she'll be fucking at one end, and cock sucking at the other end. The room is filled with the squishy sounds of Amber slurping and moaning as the action builds up to a frenzy of acrobatic fucking and sucking in the wildest sexin' Amber Lynn Bach Bach has ever done at SCORE--and that's saying a mouthful. Thank you, Amber!

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Busty Scoreland - Stacey Monroe - Bodacious Boobs, Bubble Butt

Posted on: May 10, 2015

Bodacious Boobs, Bubble Butt

Bodacious Boobs, Bubble Butt

Stacey Monroe is out to have a lusty good time and the little 20-year-old Californian is equipped for it with 34F-cup hooters, a curvy ass and a body built for a man to plow, ravish and cover with nut sauce. We can't believe that this girl says she only has sex once a week! Stacey is dressed to show it all with a yellow tank-top over a push-up bra and denim shorts chopped so high, they're more like panties than shorts. Al feasts on her big chocolate tits at Stacey's invitation. Shorn of her clothing, Stacey climbs on top of Al and buries his face in her 34F-cups. She pulls a move that looks really hot. Hovering over his dick while she is on top of him, she sucks his bone hands-free while she uses her hands to touch and lift her tits. Hands-free cock sucking is the sign of a true blow-job artiste. Al slides his cock into Stacey's cunt and pumps away, then slides into her butthole which looks very tight. He has her get on her knees so he can tap that ass doggie-style then ass-fucks Stacey side-saddle. In this position, Stacey can really get drilled hard. Al pours it on while Stacey spreads her ass crack with a hand so he can get into her ass even deeper. They swap positions, placing Stacey in reverse-cowgirl on top. In this position, Stacey's own body weight drives his tube-steak even deeper into her tush tunnel. After butt-fucking Stacey like this, the lucky bastard pops a large dose of skeet over Stacey's shapely ass.

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Big Tit Movies - "Cream Me," says Amber Lynn Bach

Posted on: May 07, 2015

"Cream Me," says Amber Lynn Bach

Amber Lynn Bach Bach, Sunshine State MILF, enjoys being drooled over. That's why she works out so much and has a stripper's pole at home. Amber dresses for this Hardcore Special in tight jeans and a tight tank top. The horny Florida babe look. Amber's big tits look fantastic pressing against her tank top. She teases Al's cock first. Amber pulls down her top and the two each take a nipple to suck on. They strip for action so Al can fill her throat and suck her coochy before he applies the coochy drill. Al dives face-first in her twat and laps Amber's clit. Amber keeps her heels on although she slips them off near the explosion when he fills her coochy-hole with his nut-goo. Women who keep their heels on when they fuck are women who are into recreational poundings and being male stroke fantasies. The slim 'n stacked homemaker is ready to have her mouth, coochy and tits fucked good, then nutted inside her pink slit by a stranger she just met 30 minutes earlier and won't see again. We commend Amber for that. All husbands deserve a hot, fun-loving wife like Amber if that would make them happy.

See More of Amber Lynn Bach at SCORELAND.COM!

Busty Scoreland - Estelle Taylor

Posted on: May 04, 2015

Estelle Taylor

Estelle Taylor

Estelle Taylor was recommended during a recent road trip to Romania. The local makeup artist we hired was a friend of hers and thought that Estelle had the right body and boobs for SCORE. A few test shots were sent back to Miami and that was all it took for Estelle to come over for the day. Estelle reminded your editors of Katarina Dubrova (a Czech model who joined us in Hungary in 2008), Westy and a few other slim and busty eastern Europeans we have known over the years. Estelle studied ballet when she was younger and has the lithe figure of a dancer. Then her breasts kept growing and that's something that ballet dancers don't have. Our preference is to see nude dancing, not ballet, so that's what beautiful Estelle does in this video that matches her photo set. And she's got some oil to shine up her 32DD's too. Bravo. Excellent interpretative dancing! Romania's got talent and we look forward to going back.

See More of Estelle Taylor at SCORELAND.COM!

Big Boobs - Roxi Red - Roxi Red And Her 38K's Will Blow You Away

Posted on: May 01, 2015

Roxi Red And Her 38K's Will Blow You Away

Roxi Red And Her 38K's Will Blow You Away

Roxi Red is one of the biggest-breasted finds of the past 20 years of SCORE. She'd never posed before or made videos until we found her. Giant boobs needs a big dick between them so Johnny Champ has the honors again. Roxi looks incredible in her thin, white T-shirt and sexy, denim short-shorts. He plays with the massive melons that have happily shocked everyone. Roxi has a thick bush too, a rare sight these days but one much appreciated by the muff lovers. Huge tits, a sexy body and a bush: heaven-sent. She has earned a large number of comments for 2012, second only to Hitomi (although Hitomi has more photo and videos credits on SCORELAND than Roxi). Roxi is stripped down totally naked and gets on her knees to suck his nine-incher before the pipe-layin' begins. Several closing photos show Roxi in a wet T-shirt. "What I find unusual about Roxi is that she looks like she doesn't get what all the fuss is about," writes H.D. "I guess since she has grown up with such big boobs. She does not say this but her expressions signal this to me. It seems like she doesn't realize the powerful effect they have on me and I'm sure many other members. I find this attitude and look in her eyes oddly endearing. Please keep bring her back."

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Scoreland Videos - And They Call Her Charley

Posted on: April 28, 2015

And They Call Her Charley

And They Call Her Charley

"I get my workouts in the club I dance in," says Charley J. Matthews, a new arrival from Wisconsin. A SCORE reader who checks out Charley regularly from a stage-side seat suggested that she apply and try her stuff as a model. Charley is a quick study as this video proves. "My sexual fantasies are anything new. I love different positions and games. The 50 Shades of Grey books get me turned on lately. I think spanking is hot. I once had sex outside the public library at 6AM on a weekday. A little risky. My favorite position is doggie against a wall and I love kissing and any kind of foreplay that makes me crave more. I like role-playing. Doctor/patient, cop/bad guy, things like that. And I swallow."

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Scoreland Porn - How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan

Posted on: April 25, 2015

How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan

How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan

Nothing beats a nice soapy shower to get a girl and her huge tits all fresh and squeaky clean. It's been a while since SCORELAND's camera has followed a girl into that most sacred place for the opposite sex but we more than make up for lost time with the amazing Janne Hollan of the Czech Republic. Checking herself out in the mirror, Janne gives her spectacular hooters a few squeezes, caressing her many inches of soft breast-flesh, her fingers sinking into those magnificent mounds. Photographs of her boobs should be hanging in an art museum. She drops her clothes and enters the tub, preparing to wet and soap her curvaceous, super-stacked bod. Look for some tits on glass play along the way! Girls taking showers are a staple in the movies. Every teen sex comedy, women-in-prison flick, slasher and monster movie has 'em but maybe you get 20 seconds of water-based action. Here you get total shower satisfaction with Janne Hollan. Thanks for getting wet, Janne.

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Score Porn - Milky Lust On The Island

Posted on: April 22, 2015

Milky Lust On The Island

Milky Lust On The Island

Kristina Milan's milkers have brought happiness and joy to the dairy jug crowd. Here in the DR, Kristina, Miosotis and Vanessa Del are the undisputed breast queens of the island. Kristina meets her fuck-friend John on the beach to enjoy his wood and offer him her cooch and huge breasts leaking with the cream of motherhood. He is in rapture staring at her dripping nipples and tastes the unpasteurized, un-homogenized fluid, sucking it in with erotic pleasure. He removes Kristina's bikini bottoms and spreads her ass cheeks apart to examine her fleshy, pink slit. He will be fucking this cooch after enjoying an expert blow job. Kristina uses his waist as a boob shelf to rest her humongous mammaries, his cock a bookmark, or boobmark, in her cleavage as she lowers her head to suck his little head. All this under the blue of the Dominican sky, their skin kissed by the rays of the sun on this tropical paradise. Kristina needs a stiffie up her and mounts up, riding his saddle like a Dominican cowgirl. She has given him her milk. Now she needs him to reciprocate and give her his nut-milk. Tit for tat.

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Score Models - Roxi Red - Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time!

Posted on: April 19, 2015

Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time!

Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time!

It has happened. The action everyone at SCORELAND has been hungering for since she first came to this castle of cleavage. The jawdropping breast queen Roxi Red has gone and done it. Made the dreams of many a SCORELAND member come true. One man called called Roxi "Absolute female perfection." Another wrote "How can a 71 year-old horny guy get any sleep?" Answer: you don't. She is the breast-man's paradise all rolled up into one sexy package. Roxi has rolled from a solo to a tug job and now she's hit a grand slam in her first XXX scene. Exactly what everyone needed. Who says erection year promises are never fulfilled?

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