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Big Boobs - Roxi Red - Roxi Red And Her 38K's Will Blow You Away

Posted on: May 01, 2015

Roxi Red And Her 38K's Will Blow You Away

Roxi Red And Her 38K's Will Blow You Away

Roxi Red is one of the biggest-breasted finds of the past 20 years of SCORE. She'd never posed before or made videos until we found her. Giant boobs needs a big dick between them so Johnny Champ has the honors again. Roxi looks incredible in her thin, white T-shirt and sexy, denim short-shorts. He plays with the massive melons that have happily shocked everyone. Roxi has a thick bush too, a rare sight these days but one much appreciated by the muff lovers. Huge tits, a sexy body and a bush: heaven-sent. She has earned a large number of comments for 2012, second only to Hitomi (although Hitomi has more photo and videos credits on SCORELAND than Roxi). Roxi is stripped down totally naked and gets on her knees to suck his nine-incher before the pipe-layin' begins. Several closing photos show Roxi in a wet T-shirt. "What I find unusual about Roxi is that she looks like she doesn't get what all the fuss is about," writes H.D. "I guess since she has grown up with such big boobs. She does not say this but her expressions signal this to me. It seems like she doesn't realize the powerful effect they have on me and I'm sure many other members. I find this attitude and look in her eyes oddly endearing. Please keep bring her back."

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Scoreland Videos - And They Call Her Charley

Posted on: April 28, 2015

And They Call Her Charley

And They Call Her Charley

"I get my workouts in the club I dance in," says Charley J. Matthews, a new arrival from Wisconsin. A SCORE reader who checks out Charley regularly from a stage-side seat suggested that she apply and try her stuff as a model. Charley is a quick study as this video proves. "My sexual fantasies are anything new. I love different positions and games. The 50 Shades of Grey books get me turned on lately. I think spanking is hot. I once had sex outside the public library at 6AM on a weekday. A little risky. My favorite position is doggie against a wall and I love kissing and any kind of foreplay that makes me crave more. I like role-playing. Doctor/patient, cop/bad guy, things like that. And I swallow."

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Scoreland Porn - How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan

Posted on: April 25, 2015

How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan

How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan

Nothing beats a nice soapy shower to get a girl and her huge tits all fresh and squeaky clean. It's been a while since SCORELAND's camera has followed a girl into that most sacred place for the opposite sex but we more than make up for lost time with the amazing Janne Hollan of the Czech Republic. Checking herself out in the mirror, Janne gives her spectacular hooters a few squeezes, caressing her many inches of soft breast-flesh, her fingers sinking into those magnificent mounds. Photographs of her boobs should be hanging in an art museum. She drops her clothes and enters the tub, preparing to wet and soap her curvaceous, super-stacked bod. Look for some tits on glass play along the way! Girls taking showers are a staple in the movies. Every teen sex comedy, women-in-prison flick, slasher and monster movie has 'em but maybe you get 20 seconds of water-based action. Here you get total shower satisfaction with Janne Hollan. Thanks for getting wet, Janne.

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Score Porn - Milky Lust On The Island

Posted on: April 22, 2015

Milky Lust On The Island

Milky Lust On The Island

Kristina Milan's milkers have brought happiness and joy to the dairy jug crowd. Here in the DR, Kristina, Miosotis and Vanessa Del are the undisputed breast queens of the island. Kristina meets her fuck-friend John on the beach to enjoy his wood and offer him her cooch and huge breasts leaking with the cream of motherhood. He is in rapture staring at her dripping nipples and tastes the unpasteurized, un-homogenized fluid, sucking it in with erotic pleasure. He removes Kristina's bikini bottoms and spreads her ass cheeks apart to examine her fleshy, pink slit. He will be fucking this cooch after enjoying an expert blow job. Kristina uses his waist as a boob shelf to rest her humongous mammaries, his cock a bookmark, or boobmark, in her cleavage as she lowers her head to suck his little head. All this under the blue of the Dominican sky, their skin kissed by the rays of the sun on this tropical paradise. Kristina needs a stiffie up her and mounts up, riding his saddle like a Dominican cowgirl. She has given him her milk. Now she needs him to reciprocate and give her his nut-milk. Tit for tat.

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Score Models - Roxi Red - Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time!

Posted on: April 19, 2015

Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time!

Roxi Gets Her Freak On For The First Time!

It has happened. The action everyone at SCORELAND has been hungering for since she first came to this castle of cleavage. The jawdropping breast queen Roxi Red has gone and done it. Made the dreams of many a SCORELAND member come true. One man called called Roxi "Absolute female perfection." Another wrote "How can a 71 year-old horny guy get any sleep?" Answer: you don't. She is the breast-man's paradise all rolled up into one sexy package. Roxi has rolled from a solo to a tug job and now she's hit a grand slam in her first XXX scene. Exactly what everyone needed. Who says erection year promises are never fulfilled?

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Big Tits - Sexposed

Posted on: April 16, 2015



What is it about the Czech Republic that produces so many free-spirited girls like Czech doll-face Krystal Swift? We've been asking the question for years without finding a definitive answer. With her pigtails and country girl outfit, fresh-faced Krystal looks like the farmer's daughter who moved to the big city. Krystal's fuck-date begins his investigation of her sexy body by feasting on her gorgeous breasts, burying his face in her cleavage and her tawny pointers. She lifts both perfect breasts in her hands and squeezes. He enjoys the sight of her doing this and she obliges by tugging her nipples. He fingers and licks Krystal's cooch which powers her need for man-sausage between her lips. She swallows his schlang as deeply as she can. Krystal lifts her breasts up again and squeezes them tightly so he can fuck the cleavage crack, his cock lubed by her spit, before he plunges into Krystal's cooch to reach nirvana.

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Big Tit Video - Dugs In Detention

Posted on: April 13, 2015

Dugs In Detention

Dugs In Detention

And now another look at a lady who should need no introduction but protocol demands one. One of the most-popular V-Girls in SCORELAND. A girl who cannot be restrained by a mere metal fence. Victoria Lane always inspires emails, letters and comments. Born in Kansas, living in Virginia, ex-cheerleader Victoria lives the quiet and productive life as a compassionate nurse concealing her mad curves in baggy scrubs and tending to her patients. She enjoys reading, watching movies and shopping when not working--a down-to-earth life. Except here she was able to cut loose and explore her buck-naked role-play fantasies like teacher, maid, sailor and this scenario in which she plays the bust-out of jail card in some over-the-top detention center where the detainees wear hot outfits. The mesh body suit Victoria wears could inspire a train derailment. "At home I wear tight sweaters over a bra and jeans. Inside the house, I'm naked." Who would not want to be the mailman in Victoria's neighborhood?

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Scoreland Tits - Photographic Mammaries

Posted on: April 10, 2015

Photographic Mammaries

Photographic Mammaries

Beautiful and buxom newcomer Scarlet LaVey had seen SCORELAND before. When our studio saw Scarlet, they knew she'd be a great fit. Check out her Blog video in which she shows off her flexible moves. Modeling is the most fun job Scarlet's ever had and it shows in her debut photo set and now in this sexcellent video. Not one to wait to show off her other moves and talents, Scarlet is game to go hard and play hard in Photographic Mammaries. Our Voluptuous cameraman is shooting his first set of Scarlet when he immediately loses his mind after seeing her fantastic boobs. He was already on the brink when they met prior to the shoot. This is the spell girls like Scarlet weave on guys. There is no cure. You fall into a deep trance and your cock takes control of your brain. No one blames this photographer for falling over the edge and Scarlett is certainly receptive to his moves, happy to offer his pipe her deep cleavage valley and her sexy mouth, for starters. What a gift! We hope he appreciates it. The cameras kept rolling as they nearly set the divan on fire from their body friction. He'll need to re-shoot this pictorial one of these days unless we bring in another photographer. As for Scarlet LaVey, her sexual magic is powerful indeed. You'll be entranced too.

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Scoreland Movies - Gabrielle Love - How Waitresses Spell Relief

Posted on: April 07, 2015

How Waitresses Spell Relief

How Waitresses Spell Relief

Gabrielle Love gets home from her job as a waitress and her voluptuous body is ready to hit that bed. But before Miss Love calls it a day, she'd like to rub one out and oil her 34HH sucklers. Gabrielle is cool with being watched while she plays a finger concerto on her love button and massages her big facewarmers with oil. "I've had sex in public often, just for the fun of it. One time I had sex on the beach while someone we didn't know watched us." What other juicy tit-bits can Gabrielle tell us? "I swallow if I'm in love. I love missionary followed by from behind. I love just a little oral tease and passionate kisses and getting my ass licked. Being kissed on my body while he is inside gets me very hot." Gabrielle has it all: boobs, booty and curves.

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Big Tits - The Magnificent Mountains Of Roxi Red

Posted on: April 04, 2015

The Magnificent Mountains Of Roxi Red

The Magnificent Mountains Of Roxi Red

Step back, gentleman, because this lady needs some room. Lots of room. Because Roxi Red is special. Special in the way that Sammie Black, Jenny Hill and Mianna Thomas are. Roxi can boast an amazing, incredible, outstanding natural 38K bra-size. It's a mammary miracle that Roxi has a comparatively slim figure with super-huge, blow-your-mind boobs. Roxi tells us her breasts began growing early and she was insecure about the size of her boobs in school. "In high school, I went from DD to H to K," Roxi said. "I was a cheerleader. I was always interested in becoming a model but I was always told that my boobs are too big. But I'm happy to be where I'm at now. This is the first time I've ever done any adult modeling." The fools who dictate what a model should look like have not given Roxi her due but SCORELAND is happy to place her on a pedestal. Roxi learned about us through a friend who recommended that she contact us. A girl after our own hearts, Roxi likes to wear tight-fitting clothes and titty tops. Next, Roxi's first video. Thank you, Roxi!

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Scoreland Videos - Kitana Flores - "I'm A Bad Girl When I'm Here."

Posted on: April 01, 2015

"I'm A Bad Girl When I'm Here."

"I'm a bad girl when I'm here," Kitana Flores says. "Right now. For a few hours. In the bedroom. Guys are sometimes surprised by that because I usually don't dress too sexy and I can be kind of laid back, but when they get me in the bedroom, I can be pretty wild. I think a lot of Puerto Rican girls are that way. We hide our wild side until we get into private situations. We don't think it's proper to be too out there in public, even though we can dress sexy."

"I can be very assertive when I'm horny or see a guy I like. I almost always make the first move. If I'm interested in you and I can tell you're interested in me, you'll know it. Then you'll see my wild side. I won't waste time. I mean, it could take hours before a guy decides to make a move, and a lot of guys are afraid to, so I'll do it for them."

"I'd rather be naked than wear clothes, but I think there's a time and a place for everything. I always wear a bra, even though I can probably get away without wearing one. Part of the reason I wear a bra is because I don't want my nipples poking through and part of the reason is because I want to keep my boobs nice. I don't want them to sag too much when I get older."

"I like to be comfortable in everything I wear. I like to be classy but fashionable. I don't like to put it all out there. I like to keep the guys guessing a little bit."

"Girls say my boobs are my best body part. Guys say it's my ass. How about that? Guys like the booty, but they like the boobs, too, especially if they're Italian. But guys don't have to choose. They can have the whole thing if they're nice and honest."

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Scoreland Models - Maserati - Bounce Maserati Bounce

Posted on: March 29, 2015

Bounce Maserati Bounce

Bounce Maserati Bounce

Maserati is back at SCORELAND in Bounce, Maserati, Bounce! and as we tipped you off on the Blog, Maserati's boobs are even bigger than before! They look packed with tit-meat! Maserati thought that they may be three cup sizes larger, an astounding gain, and it may be due to her diet of more steak and bread since last time. Her slim waist looks the same. Last time, her boobs were a double H. Now Maserati thinks she may tip the scale at a J. That's mind-blowing. But wait. To determine her new cup size, some measurement science was applied. Her underbust is 32 inches and her boobs measure 46 inches. That means, according to mammary math, that Maserati needs a 32 N-cup bra! This dude is about to find out how he fares tackling those incredible assets but first, Maserati treats him to a follow-the-bouncing-boob show before she slides down his pole in a steaming hot XXX fuck and suck scene. It might have been wise on this guy's part to take out insurance if he gets injured by those smotherin' skull-crushers. Maserati said one tit is around ten pounds and the other eight pounds. That amount of weight would increase his premium. If he survives his first encounter with this Amazonian supergirl without having to be carried out of the building in a stretcher, it will be a great survival story he can tell his friends over a beer. Roll the video and find out! Welcome back, Maserati.

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Busty Videos - Busting Out In Full Bloom

Posted on: March 26, 2015

Busting Out In Full Bloom

Busting Out In Full Bloom

Sadie Blooms out in her SCORELAND debut and what a flower in bloom she is. Only 19 and sporting 38G cups for which no Wonder Bra is needed. We think she hasn't even reached her full topshelf expansion. "I buy mostly push-up bras," says mind reader Sadie. "I get a lot of attention and I love it. I love it when a guy adores a girl's boobs. I wear a lot of shirts with deep necklines so that no one can miss 'em." When we asked Sadie what was the most fun job she's ever had, the Philly girl said "This one!" Now that's high-energy. She was completely relaxed and ready for couch surfing in this very horny scene that shows just how passionate she is. Many of today's new models do not wait months or years to go all-in. Their move from nude posing to full-out sexin' is measured in days or weeks. Does she swallow or spit? "Swallow! Spitters are quitters!" Sadie likes to start off with "Hot and heavy kissing and nibbling. My favorite position is doggie-style when I want it rough; me straddling his lap when I want it more intimate. I love to initiate sex but I love it more when a guy takes over from there." What does Sadie want to do that she hasn't done yet? "I want to have spontaneous quickies all over the place. I haven't had sex in public yet but it sounds like a good time." Since Sadie enjoys exploring different neighborhoods in Philadelphia, maybe she go for it one day. Welcome to SCORELAND, Sadie Blooms.

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Scoreland Videos - Hot Body Girl

Posted on: March 23, 2015

Hot Body Girl

Hot Body Girl

The times they are a-changin'. It used to be that guys didn't want their stacked girlfriends showing off their bodies in men's magazines. While it's not all that widespread yet, more and more girls are applying for modeling sessions with their male friend's, boyfriend's or husband's approval and even encouragement. That's why Elaina Gregory contacted SCORE. Such is the case of Jasmine Shiraz too. "My boyfriend is a huge fan, so that's how I got to know SCORE, and I submitted pictures, and you called me the next day," Jasmine said. "He's been a member of the website for as long as I've known him. He showed it to me. I'm always wondering how busty I am, so he said, 'Let me show you and you can see.' So he pulled up the website and showed me the different girls and said, 'You're kinda similar to this girl or that one," and when I saw that, I thought, 'I can do that. I think I can do that.'" Absolutely! Jasmine's made for SCORE. She's also very girl-next-door in every way. And when we mean girl-next-door, we mean sexy and stacked girl-next-door. Did Jasmine know about us before then? "The past couple of years I knew because of my boyfriend, but before that, I didn't. But I liked that there were more girls out there like me. It made me feel good. I can do that, I thought. I wanna do that. I can be one of your girls. That's what I said. I wasn't 100% sure I'd be accepted, but I figured my boobs are what you concentrate on, so, you know, I should be okay, but I wasn't sure. I was just waiting for the call. And I said yes right away. I knew I was going to do it. And my boyfriend was very excited when he found out." When you're done with her photos, check out Jasmine's SCORELAND video, "Hot Body Girl."

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Scoreland Movies - Alura Jenson - Boom Boom In The VIP Room

Posted on: March 20, 2015

Boom Boom In The VIP Room

Boom Boom In The VIP Room

There are a few things you need to know about blonde sex-bomb Alura Jenson from North Las Vegas. A fresh SCORE magazine model (June '13 SCORE), Alura is a stacked stripper currently at the world-famous Palomino Club, the only all-nude dancer club in town that serves hard liquor. In this palace of pulchritude, Alura struts her sexy stuff while the patrons watching her sit, sip and grow enough wood to stock a furniture warehouse. Alura has been dancing for Mr. Largo here in the SCORE VIP Room and when her set is over, she gets off the little stage and goes crazy-wild on his pecker. Anything goes in this VIP room. He has hit the jackpot with this brazen babe. There is no hotter couch dance than this. Alura jerks his wood with a talented hand and blows it with a talented mouth. She squeezes her big boobs together, his dick between them, and fucks it. She climbs on his lap, shoves his longhorn into her stripper pussy and rides it like the bucking bronco at a country-western bar. That's just the beginning of Alura's wild ride.

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Score Girls - A Comeback Of Epic Proportions

Posted on: March 17, 2015

A Comeback Of Epic Proportions

A Comeback Of Epic Proportions

Desiree has made a comeback of epic proportions, just like her voluptuously curvy body. Diane Poppos made a big comeback, too, but Diane had done a lot of modeling before taking a very long-almost 10 years-hiatus until her recent return. Desiree had only appeared in V-mag once in a solo and never did any videos. She was a one-shot wonder. Only the SCORE photographer who introduced himself to her at the beach during her Florida vacation had met her, before the new SCORE studio was constructed. Then came the unexpected email over 10 years later after she saw "We [Desiree and our models recruiter] went over what I wanted to do, and that's when I realized that I wanted to do XXX and not just solo modeling," Desiree said. Her tits are huge now compared to then. And her first video was an anal scene! Good times. "What was funny was that the night before, the studio staff sent me home with these anal toys, and they were tiny butt plugs. And then I come in the next day and Juan Largo, the stud who I had my first anal scene with, was huge! I found it kind of funny that the toys were like a quarter of his dick size. But I liked it. I have always been curious about it, so I tried it!"

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Big Boobz - The Goldie Rush

Posted on: March 14, 2015

The Goldie Rush

The Goldie Rush

Bang zoom! From an introduction by way of a sexy solo to a hot one-on-one in just a day. Meet new SCORE Girl Goldie Ray, a bubbly, beautiful blonde with a dazzling smile, a shapely Las Vegas showgirl body, a sense of humor and an erotic mind. Goldie loves sex and lots of it as you'll see in this SCORELAND pictorial and video. She also loves the camera so when both of those loves are combined with a high-energy, fun-loving personality and an open mind, look out. She's as much the aggressor as her couch dance date Al is in her first boy-girl scene. "I'm definitely sexually assertive," says Goldie, whose favorite position is being on top in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and bouncing up and down to her heart's content. Just admire the sheer lusty exuberance on Goldie's face as she rides Al's saddle horn or when he's sliding his cock between her boobs. Her favorite part of a guy's body is...his shoulders? "Because that's what I grip onto when he's on top!" jokes Goldie. Goldie likes girls too. "I've had lots of sex with girls, too many to count." For a first-timer at SCORE, Goldie's swept everyone off their feet.

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Scoreland Tits - School Of Rack

Posted on: March 11, 2015

School Of Rack

School Of Rack

School's never out and class is never dismissed when Hitomi is on the campus. Now when the phrase "student body" comes to mind, Hitomi's hot coed look should now be number one in your boob-lovin' brain. The slinky and stacked beauty from Tokyo was made for busting out of schoolgirl costumes and this video proves it. It would be a fantasy come true if Hitomi lived in Florida and not over seven thousand miles away. Boob men can dream and no one can take that away from us.

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Busty Scoreland - Big Tits In A Tiny Bikini

Posted on: March 08, 2015

Big tits In A Tiny Bikini

Big Tits In A Tiny Bikini

It's tiny bikini and big heels time with a tiny (5'2") big favorite at SCORE, the delectably delicious and spin-your-head sexy Lana Ivans. Is this Romania Week at SCORELAND with Joana Bliss and Roxanne Miller preceding Lana? This country may be small, roughly the size of the state of Michigan, but it's home to some mighty fine-looking big-boobed gals. Lana sports 34E cups and has shared them with both guys and girls the past two years, traveling with us to the Caribbean, Germany and Portugal and hanging with the United Nations of big boobs, Michelle Bond, Valory Irene, fellow home-girl Arianna Sinn, Shione Cooper, Terri Jane, Eden Mor and Sophie Mae. Lana claims that eating corn helps make girls' boobs grow. If Lana says it, it must be true because we believe whatever she tells us. She's too sexy to debate anything with. There are some girls you fuck. There are some girls you marry. There are some girls you fuck, marry and keep fucking. A girl with an erotic twinkle in her eyes, Lana is one of them. We look forward to seeing more of her at SCORELAND. She exudes sex.

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Big Boobs - Nikki Smith - Reasons to cheer

Posted on: March 05, 2015

Reasons to cheer

Reasons to cheer

Nikki Smith found us on Twitter ( and wanted to join the big show. It was a win-win-win decision (You-Nikki-Us). Nikki is a girl-next-door webcam model and she enjoys it. Coming to The SCORE Group was a first for her. Nikki was a cheerleader in high school. Have you ever seen a cheerleader with bigger pom-poms? "I was popular, but my breasts were even more popular," Nikki says. "But I think I got more comments when I was younger. Just because it was so out of the ordinary for girls to have boobs at that age. But I didn't mind too much. I kind of like the attention." Nikki learned how to be good at sex by studying porn. Our kind of girl. "I started watching porn. The first thing I learned from porn that I was really excited about was how to put a condom on a dick without using your hands. So I was really proud of myself when I  mastered that. That was a big step in my sex abilities." What's her opinion of casual sex? Not making porn but having everyday, booty call, casual sex? "There's a time and a place for it I think. If I'm going to have casual sex with somebody then it's going to strictly be casual sex. I don't want to have sex too soon with someone I'm interested in dating. I just need some no-strings-attached dick, and sometimes that works. But usually if I'm interested in a relationship, I take it a little slower." Nikki did something pretty amazing. She referred her mom to us. Her mother is a 48-year-old blonde hottie named Barbie Banks and Barbie's first hardcore shoot is posted at In print, Barbi makes her newsstand debut in 40Something (SP 245). So being horny runs in the Smith family. Thanks, Nikki!

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Score Models - Hoisting A Pair

Posted on: March 02, 2015

Hoisting A Pair

Hoisting A Pair

Gya Roberts looked like she'd be killer wearing a traditional European bar maid dress. In Germany, it's called a "dirndl." What do you think now that she's wearing it here? Looks hot on her? Is she born to wear one and hoist a few steins of Pilsner? We think so. Now about that nipple sucking talent Gya has. "I have a fetish for sucking my nipples, actually," Gya explained. And how did that start? "It began when I started masturbating on cam. I would touch my boobs and one day I realized that my nipples were very sensitive. So, since they were so big, I started licking my nipples while I touched myself and I found that I could cum faster when I did that, so I began sucking them while I masturbated and now it is one of my biggest fetishes. I love having my nipples sucked on for hours! It feels very good. If there is no one to do it for me, I will suck on them myself." We'll drink a beer to that. Here's to Gya!

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Big Boobz - Getting A Leg Up

Posted on: February 27, 2015

Getting A Leg Up

Getting A Leg Up

Sophie was really blessed in the looks department. Because she is a trained dancer and dancing instructor, Sophie Mae has developed exceptionally shapely legs after years of dedicated training started when she was very young. This photo shoot focused on her gams really brings that out. Those are world-class pins. Strong, sexy legs and beautiful, big, natural boobs. That's what we call the best of both worlds. And that butt. A 20-dollar word was created to describe it: "callipygian," meaning beautifully-proportioned buttocks. Sophie has got it all. However, Sophie's underrated. She needs more praise and recognition from SCORELAND Men. Mart had his own fantasy of Sophie and it's a good one. "You know, Sophie will be perfect to do a I Dream of Jeannie parody. Just to imagine her in the pink veil, shaking her hips from side to side. Wow!" Maybe one day soon we can do that! Sophie would be a perfect genie.

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Big Tit Movies - 1940's Pin-up

Posted on: February 24, 2015

1940's Pin-up

1940's Pin-up

Dressed and made-up to look like a 1940's pin-up, the kind of tough dame that Jimmy Cagney pushed around or a gangster's moll, Elaina Gregory is a knock-out in this retro-vintage throwback to an earlier style. Never before has a "skirt," as they called chicks back then, been so bullet bra-busting and girdle-destroying. What do you think about a look like this for Elaina? What would you prefer to see her wear, before she wears the best outfit of them all (her birthday suit). And let's have a hand for that unshaved triangle below her fertile hips? "I kind of felt like my furry twat went along with this retro theme," said Elaina. "I was glad to grow out my hair for the fans. But I wonder if they want to watch me shave it off too? Or do they prefer to see hair?"

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Scoreland Movies - Angel Of SCORELAND

Posted on: February 21, 2015



This is Kelly Christiansen's fourth boobie-call scene at SCORELAND and she has two more at This titty-tally doesn't even include her SCOREtv appearances and her mastur-date solos. Which one is your favorite? Kelly's popularity is off the bra-hook and she is one of the most-appreciated covergirls in this Hallowed Hall of Hooters. Kelly is the go-to girl for many Scorelanders since her debut in Holiday '10 SCORE. When we first met and interviewed Kelly, we never predicted where and to what level she would take it. This "Angel Of SCORELAND" is back at this citadel of deep cleavage, her home away from home, and she couldn't cum at a better time. "I want you to watch me take a big cock," Kelly says softly. "I want to play with it and I want to do all sorts of naughty things with it. And I'll pretend that it's you." What Kelly wants, you provide. Because Kelly wouldn't be here without your support. So pat yourself on the back. And congratulate this good girl/bad girl for driving everyone crazy over her beauty, her bod, her big boobs, her sweet personality and her talents and mad skills at being bad to the boner. When you watch Kelly in action, you can't take your eyes off her body and face. She is 100% breastnotizing. Watch her weave her magic again.

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Score Models - B.L.O.W. Remastered Pt. 2

Posted on: February 18, 2015

B.L.O.W. Remastered Pt. 2

B.L.O.W. Remastered Pt. 2

Match number-one for the Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling is about to begin. But first, the basics. They gotta oil up! Angela White oils Brandy Talore and Annie Swanson oils Cherry Brady in preparation for the Cherry-Brandy bout. The air is electric and filled with the heady scent of oiled female skin. The action starts and it's a slippery brawl. SCORE's color man Dave interviews Annie and Cherry and the girls are tight-lipped about their grappling strategy. We will have to wait and watch. The next bout is Angela and Annie. This could get nasty. Brandy oils her partner Angela and Cherry slicks up Annie. A guy could jack to this sight alone. The clash of the cleavage kittens begins. After the match, highlights of how Annie and Cherry trained for this event under the Florida sun are screened in one of the best work-out and running moments ever seen at SCORELAND. Next up: Part three of the B.L.O.W. smackdown and the oily chaos of this four-girl wrecking crew! The greatest female combat wrestling show in big-boobed history. Never equaled!

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